Her Desires by Summer Cooper

Her Desires by Summer Cooper

Author:Summer Cooper [Cooper, Summer]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Lovy Books Ltd
Published: 2015-11-30T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter One

Madeline felt the man’s lips pressing gently against her cheek and that was about all she felt. Pushing him away she looked at him with cold, uninterested brown eyes before stepping to the other side of the door on her daddy’s front porch. Looking at Jim Cline she managed to work up a polite smile before thanking him for coming to visit with her.

“It was my pleasure, Miss Stewart. I enjoy your company and I’d like to come again, if I may?”

At 23 this wasn’t her first kiss, Jim wasn’t her first suitor, but like all the rest he left her cold, uninspired and he definitely did not make her hear the sound of wedding bells in her ears. She knew that her daddy was just in the house though, sitting on a couch listening to everything she said to the man. Maddy didn’t want to argue with him again, she just wanted to marry somebody and get it over with so her daddy would stop pestering her about it. Looking at Jim she figured he was just as good as any man, if a little more handsome than most, and settled. She felt like her soul was dying inside but she had to give in. Her daddy was going to toss her out if she didn’t.

“That sounds lovely, Jim. Why don’t you come by Friday evening? Three days from now?” That might give her time to work up some more faux-enthusiasm. Supressing a shudder she turned back to him, letting him run a hand down her blonde hair. She’d put on a dress because her daddy had insisted she take her pants off, but she knew she had the right to wear them. Earlier this year the attorney general said women could wear pants anywhere they wanted to and she’d taken it to heart. It was 1923, after all, not 1823!

Jim finally left and Maddy walked into the house. She was trying to quietly go back to her room when her father called to her from the front room.

“Maddy, get in here.” Her father looked angry, as usual. He sat on the edge of the seat, like he was going to jump out of it at any second. Maddy hoped he’d stay put this time and stayed quiet. She’d had enough of the yelling.

“You know those men taught you a valuable lesson, right? Any woman that walks around trying to dress like a man with her hair cut up to her ears deserves to be treated the way you were! Walking around like a woman of the night is what you were doing. Shaming your mother and I. What were you thinking?”

Bart Stewart was still angry about that then. A week ago Maddy had decided that she wasn’t going to pretend to be anything she wasn’t anymore. She enjoyed shocking her parents wearing pants around the farm but never into town. Her parents had learned to ignore her wearing pants, her father wouldn’t even look below her collar bones now but she’d never tried to go into town wearing them.


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