Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long

Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long

Author:Jeffrey Long [Long, Jeffrey]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: General, Religion, Body; Mind & Spirit, Eschatology, Future Life, Parapsychology
ISBN: 9780061452574
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 2011-01-04T04:11:32+00:00

I went into a dark place with nothing around me, but I wasn’t scared. It was really peaceful there. I then began to see my whole life unfolding before me like a film projected on a screen, from babyhood to adult life. It was so real! I was looking at myself, but better than a 3-D movie as I was also capable of sensing the feelings of the persons I had interacted with through the years. I could feel the good and bad emotions I made them go through. I was also capable of seeing that the better I made them feel, and the better the emotions they had because of me, [the more] credit (karma) [I would accumulate] and that the bad [emotions] would take some of it back…just like in a bank account, but here it was like a karma account to my knowledge.


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