Demanding Boss by Clara Reese

Demanding Boss by Clara Reese

Author:Clara Reese [Reese, Clara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: clarareese.com
Published: 2020-01-16T16:00:00+00:00



After I’ve shown Wanda the joyous torture of multiple orgasms, we cuddle together for a short while until it’s time to get ready.

We shower together and, even though its intimate and a little playful, it’s not crazy hot. Somehow, these ordinary moments where we wash each other’s hair and share the soap are intimate and touching in a way sex could never be.

We take turns with the mirror, getting our hair and makeup together. I find myself watching Wanda more than myself, admiring the easy way she puts herself together.

Most women are always thinking about enhancing one thing to hide another. They have things they don’t want seen just as they have attributes they want everyone to notice.

Wanda doesn’t play any of those games. She just applies very light makeup, sweeping her curls up beside her head and pinning them. The result is very cute, and it just screams “effortless”. I doubt she knows it, but plenty of the women coming tonight will have spent hours trying to achieve that effect.

She pulls on a pale blue gown that I chose for her: strapless, it pulls tight on one side of the waist with a jeweled clasp before falling in long, wide sweeps of light fabric. As she moves, its swishes around her legs like it’s been caught in an imaginary wind.

I put on a long black sheath and pin up my hair with a dramatic, sharp clip. The difference between us is marked as we look into the mirror.

Side by side. The darkness and the light. The angel and the devil. Wanda’s grey eyes have caught the blue of the dress and her brown curls look tumbling and soft. Next to her I’m all dark, sharp edges and hard angles. My black gown fits me tightly, creating an impression more than showing off my figure.

Wanda slips back a step and puts her hand on my butt. I’m so surprised I almost jump. She giggles.

“I was just looking at that long split up the back. It’s almost indecent.”

I grin at her. “That sounds like me for sure.”

We both have a giggle as we head out the door. I’m trying to stay composed but all I want to do is hold her hand and giggle like a schoolgirl.

I want to enjoy her. I want to be with her. I feel like I’m robbing myself of every single moment with her because I can’t show the world that this is what I want.

Right before the elevator doors slide open, that thought reverberates through me.

Is she what I want?

The second we hit the floor, my nerves multiply. I smile and circle Wanda like a shark. She looks amazing and she’s holding up well. She’s getting a lot of attention and that’s good. It couldn’t be better in terms of the book.

She’s talking animatedly and she looks like she’s very interested in some of the questions. I’m happy for her. Most writers never get to do this stuff, even if their books are successful. All I want is to see her enjoy this.


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