Botswana--Culture Smart! by Michael Main

Botswana--Culture Smart! by Michael Main

Author:Michael Main [Main, Michael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-85733-593-4
Publisher: Kuperard
Published: 2010-10-13T04:00:00+00:00

The Botswana Society is unusual in that it produces an annual journal (Botswana Notes and Records) and holds occasional public lectures, outings, and symposia. Membership is inexpensive, and the Society’s members are a mine of information about the country and its people. The Kalahari Conservation Society, which has a focus on matters environmental, also hosts occasional public lectures.


It is not the habit, generally speaking, for Batswana to invite people to their homes other than for big occasions like weddings or christenings. Nor is it the norm to “entertain” in the same way as people from the West, for example, might do. Rather, the Motswana issues no invitation at all but expects that, if you wish to visit you will do so at a time and on a day of your choosing, without prior arrangement. One “pops in,” as they say, and takes a chance on their being at home. Invitations to dinner will usually come exclusively from the expatriate community.


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