Bold Followership by Maurice A. Buford

Bold Followership by Maurice A. Buford

Author:Maurice A. Buford
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Cham

The Lack of Accountability

The fourth sign of a sick team is the lack of accountability. The principles that compose accountability, contends Covey, include responsibility, stewardship, and ownership. The opposite of this behavior is not to take responsibility, to not own up, but rather to say, “It’s not my fault.” Its counterpoint is to point a finger and blame others, saying, “It’s their fault.”15 Stated differently, when the culture is saturated with blaming others for the lack of productivity, and the team’s common expression is that it is “not in my job description,” the likelihood of accountability being eroded is high. Additionally, offenders of ethical norms increase because members believe that they are above the law and thrive in an anything goes culture.


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