Basics of Energy Efficient Living by Lonnie Wibberding

Basics of Energy Efficient Living by Lonnie Wibberding

Author:Lonnie Wibberding [Wibberding, Lonnie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780977798230
Amazon: 0977798232
Barnesnoble: 0977798232
Goodreads: 5613004
Publisher: Big Fish Publishing
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Here’s the formula:

Btus/ft3 x temp difference x house cubic feet x air exchanges/day

= btus lost by infiltration each day

Sample House

Let’s work this formula through for our sample house. As you may remember our sample house is 24 feet x 24 feet and is 17 feet high including both floors. Multiplying these together gives us 9,792 cubic feet inside.

Now that we know the cubic feet we can multiply this by how many btus we lose per cubic foot for every degree Fahrenheit difference in temperature. This is 0.019 btus/˚F difference. 9,792 x 0.019 gives us 186 btus for each ˚F difference. We can calculate the infiltration loss for each month as follows. This is the same thing we did for conduction loss but we have an infiltration number rather than a conduction number.


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