Avalon: Princess by S R Ahuja

Avalon: Princess by S R Ahuja

Author:S R Ahuja
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-04-07T16:00:00+00:00

“If you look, you’ll see that her wings never grew back,” Peter said, pointing down at the ice dragon below. Sure enough, she had wings, but they were skeletal and looked like they wouldn’t support a butterfly let alone a giant beast like herself.

“The fire dragon, realizing what he had done, immediately regretted it and went in search of her. Meanwhile, the female dragon had run far from her friend. She had run straight up the Draconis Mons to the very top. When she reached the top, she fell over the edge of this pit and tumbled down to the very bottom. The walls were too steep for her to climb, and she could no longer fly, so she had no way out. She had plenty of food and water, but all she could do all day everyday was to pace and think about the fire dragon. She began to seethe, letting her own anger grow cold and turn to hate. Eventually, it stopped raining in the valley as every ounce of water turned to ice.

“When the fire dragon eventually found her, she had allowed her hatred to fester so long that the process could not be reversed. She opened her mouth to breathe fire at her friend, but instead of fire, ice shot from her mouth like arrows. The fire dragon, who still had his wings, dodged the projectiles. He came to rest on the opposite side of the valley, face to face with her.

“The moment they looked into each other’s eyes, they were at a stalemate. The fire dragon could have destroyed her with one belch of flame to melt her icy scales, and the ice dragon could have destroyed him with one perfectly aimed shard of ice to the heart, but neither made the first move. The fire dragon’s hot fury and the ice dragon’s cold hatred were rooted so deeply now that they could never be removed, but somewhere else, rooted just as deeply if not more, was the love they had once felt for each other. That love, however distant, stops them from making the first move to kill the other. So, they pace. Forever. Neither one willing to kill the other nor let the other win.”

Jade stared at the giant monsters below her. “How long have they been there?” she asked Peter.

“No one knows exactly. As long as the Nine Sisters have been here, since before King Arthur ruled the Northmanni World. Maybe since the very beginning.”

Her heart felt heavy in her chest. She felt pitied these beasts. Yes, they were huge, evil creatures that would try to kill her as soon as they saw her, but the way Peter told the story, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for them.

“Come on,” Peter said, grabbing her hand again. “Let’s go do something fun. Want to go swim with the mermaids again?”

“No, let’s stay a little longer,” Jade whined. “I want to watch the dragons.”

“They’re just dumb animals. They’re boring. You got to see them, now let’s go do something fun.


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