Apollo 11 by Passingham Ian;

Apollo 11 by Passingham Ian;

Author:Passingham, Ian;
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: HISTORY / United States / General
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Limited


Buzz Aldrin’s wife has revealed she gave him a superstitious theatrical send-off.

Amateur actress Joan Aldrin, addressing the media outside her home after watching on TV, was asked about her final phone conversation with her husband last night. She said: “I told him ‘Go break a leg!’” The phrase is used in theatrical circles as a way of saying good luck.

The astronauts’ wives all have ‘squawk boxes’; devices giving a constant link to mission radio communications. Joan said: “I’m going to be glued to that box every minute of the flight and I’m going to sleep right beside it. I’m excited, of course, and tense, of course.”

Pat Collins – who, like Joan, watched with family and friends – said: “Wasn’t it just wonderful? There were a few moments of tension. After that, lots of smiles. The children are excited, but they don’t fully understand the significance. I’m glad the flight is under way. When we spoke last night, Mike sounded eager and all set to go. I think I felt about as ready as he did.”

After launch, ten-year-old Kathleen Collins brought out a tray of coffees to the media, and told them about her favourite subjects at school.


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