Abigail Rath Versus Bloodsucking Fiends by Catherine Schaff-Stump

Abigail Rath Versus Bloodsucking Fiends by Catherine Schaff-Stump

Author:Catherine Schaff-Stump [Schaff-Stump, Catherine]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-04-20T04:00:00+00:00

School lunch was gross. School lunch is always gross, but today’s entree was extra gross. I hated the school’s chili. I had Dad’s genetic English-ness. At home, exciting spices were black pepper. Chili used exotic red things like cayenne and paprika. I’d face down monsters, but I wasn’t going there. The cooks also thought it was a good idea to pair chili with pigs in a blanket. Now that was a food throwback. I don’t think you should waste a perfectly good crescent roll on a hot dog.

When Dad and Mom had gone to Japan a couple of years ago, they brought me back another quality Hello Kitty product—a Japanese lunch box, two levels of cute from Sanrio. Dad thought if I had a Japanese lunch box, he should know how to make me Japanese lunch. In my lunch today were two rice balls. On the top layer? You guessed it. Designer sausages and some cut strawberries. Separated by a divider wall, of course.

In the cafeteria, I found Marty sitting with Jo and Bev. Jo glanced up, honey blond hair falling away from across her right eye. “Where have you been, Abby? Marty told us you skipped and had detention last week.”

“Yup.” I sat down on the slick plastic bench. “However, I have paid my debt to society, so my checkered past can remain there.” Marty hmphed. Jo gave me a thumbs up. She is a pastor’s kid. If anyone approved of skipping, it would be a pastor’s kid.

“Honor code?” said Bev. Bev took detention very seriously, more so because I was one of her defensive hockey players and as the goalie, she relied on me. “Do you know how far behind we are in practice?”

“First offense against the code,” I said. “I am so sorry about missing practice.”

Bev stopped with fork midair. “You aren’t becoming a delinquent, are you?”

“Not so far as I know. I’ll get back to you if any-thing changes.”

Across the table from Bev and me, Marty and Jo were undergoing delicate lunch negotiations. “You aren’t going to eat your pudding pop?”

“All yours, Martido.” Jo took the blanketed pig in trade. Marty can’t eat pork, so Jo was doing her bit for keeping Marty from starving.

Bev made it through about a spoonful of chili. Jo ate half a bowl. Marty polished hers off. Marty is weird in all kinds of unnatural ways. I flaunted my sausages to the envy of my crew, except for Marty who stuck out her tongue. My eyes scanned the dining room. Lots of girls in blue uniforms in various forms of neatness or slouchiness. The problem with our school uniforms is they’re uniform, so it’s hard to get a line on someone. Then I saw Coral in the center of a group of girls. She was like a lantern in the center of a bunch of wannabe moths. I placed my bento on the table and rummaged in my backpack for the liquid crystal sheet and my lab book.

“What’s that?” Bev asked.

“Liquid crystal sheeting.


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