A Warrior’s Courage: Annihilation of a Species Book 1 by Jerry Martin

A Warrior’s Courage: Annihilation of a Species Book 1 by Jerry Martin

Author:Jerry Martin [Martin, Jerry]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Martin Alien Press
Published: 2024-02-06T00:00:00+00:00

Bukk’s squad was held in reserve until the last airlock cycle. Bukk had gained experience in close quarters combat on a few Bradiccon space stations two years ago and he was pumped and aching to get into the fight. He was currently alone in his fire team, while Private First Class Markon and Private Dask made up another fire team. Sgt. Asgard and Wikk were included in one more fire team. Each fire team had three ACS 7 units measuring six and a half feet tall and one ACS 4 unit at five and a half feet.

Kathrin finally cycled the last of the soldiers through the airlock. A small team of Marines had arrived to guard the airlock and prepare the landing bay to evacuate the wounded, releasing Kathrin to rejoin her squad. She moved forward through the hangar past several dead alien bodies and a few ruined robot hulks. She joined Bukk’s fire team as she neared the other airlock. He motioned her to fall in behind him.

“Okay, follow me. Ax, move out,” Bukk ordered.

Three ACS 7 units moved through the airlock, followed by the rest of the squad. They hurried past a few teams and took a position in a control room near an elevator and a stairway. Several ACSs were in the stairway shooting at something on a lower level. Seven dead aliens were lying around the control room. Kathrin got a good look at the face of one of the creatures. It had yellow eyes that were too large, bulging out of its head. Its beak-like mouth opened in a vertical slit instead of horizontally like a human’s mouth, and there was no nose that she could see. She was frightened to be so close to this ... this thing. She opened a private channel to Sgt. Pikken.

“Bukk, I’m scared,” she admitted quietly. Bukk turned to look at her.

“No reason to be afraid of a little Bug. Just step on him, like this.” Bukk stamped his foot down and twisted exaggeratedly. He chuckled to himself. “Just remember your training. You’ll do fine ... And stay behind me,” Bukk added. Kathrin tried to smile.

After clearing a small power generation station, Lt. Mogg ordered his men to take the area below the control room. The squads leapfrogged down the stairway, amid an intense firefight, into a lower control room, then gradually began to fight through an office area. They moved down a short corridor, checking each room as they went to ensure no enemy got behind them.

When the order came, Bukk and Kathrin’s team leapfrogged around the corner and took up position in the next corridor with the ACS 7s leading the way, providing cover.

ZZZPOP! ZZZPOP POP! Kathrin, thoroughly terrified, numbly blasted away at the area between the three robots moving down the hallway. The battle had been easier on open ground, but here … she felt the weapon vibrate with each blast, and the air sizzled and slammed together like a small thunderclap after the energy bolt seared its way down the corridor.


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