A Kiss of Time: Enchanted Mates Book 1 by Rowan Blake

A Kiss of Time: Enchanted Mates Book 1 by Rowan Blake

Author:Rowan Blake [Blake, Rowan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-04-22T16:00:00+00:00


She awoke to find Nickolie still holding her in his arms. She took the time to look him over. This sexy man had laid claim to her in more ways than one. He had told her that she was his everything. Her heart swelled at the memory. This man was hers.

Never in her life would she think that a man like this would want her. He may be a Vampire, and she had no idea what she was, but in the end, they wanted each other. The time they had spent together had been short, but the way she felt about him was unmeasurable.

“You going to keep staring at me or what?” he mumbled. So, he had pretended to be asleep. He seemed pretty good at that.

She leaned forward and placed a kiss on his forehead. “I was just enjoying looking over what was mine.” She was feeling bold, maybe it was because she knew he loved her. Did he love her? He didn’t exactly say he loved her, but she assumed that was the closest he would come to saying it, for now.

He growled and pulled her tighter against him. Firm lips pressed against hers before pulling away. “What’s yours, eh?” he teased her. His thumb traced over her neck, over the bite mark. “This should be healed by now.” Confusion mixed with concern in his voice.

She eyed his neck where her bite on him was also still visible. “What about you? Did I really bite you that hard?” She kind of felt bad. His body had been flawless, but now it looked like his neck would scar.

His hand ran over the mark she left, and he sat up. “I should have healed by now too. This doesn’t make sense.” He shook his head and offered her a smile. “You should get a shower and something to eat. We will be leaving soon.”

She pushed from the bed and stretched her arms above her head. His hot gaze roamed all over her naked body. “Would be nice if I could get some help washing my back. I am a bit sore after all,” she teased before turning to the bathroom.

White tile lined the floor and plush black rugs sat before the shower and the dark sink. She looked into the mirror and smiled. Nickolie stood behind her, meeting her eyes through the mirror.

“You said you needed some help.” He wrapped his arms around her from behind and began trailing kisses over her neck.

She watched him work through the mirror, feeling a sense of pleasure watching them both. She stilled when she watched as her green eyes change into silver mirrors. Panic flooded her body. “Nick, what’s wrong with my eyes?” Her voice shook.

He lifted his head and studied her face. Her eyes were still pools of reflective silver, the pupils long gone. His large palm began rubbing her back as he spoke softly. “The eyes echo the power,” he explained to her.

Her tension eased and with it her eyes turned back to the pale green.


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