The Sworn Book of Honorius: Liber Iuratus Honorii by Honorius Of Thebes

The Sworn Book of Honorius: Liber Iuratus Honorii by Honorius Of Thebes

Author:Honorius Of Thebes
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Body, Occult, Non-Fiction, Witchcraft, Hermetism & Rosicrucianism, Mind & Spirit, Magick Studies
ISBN: 9780892546305
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays, Inc.
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C. Separation.

From this time on you should be in a place where access can be restricted, where people do not frequent, and each day say those prayers which follow, along with those preceding, which are pertinent to the work,150 and with this you should say these names, which follow: (2) “Agla, Monhon, Tetragramaton, Ely Deus, Ocleiste, Amphynethon, Lamyara, Ianemyer, Sadyon, Hely, Horlon, Porrenthimon, (3) Yelur, Gofgameli, Emanuel, On, Admyel, Honzmorb, Ioht, Hophob, Mesamarathon, Anethy, Eryona, Yuestre, Saday, Maloht, Sechce.”151

(4) After this, say:


“O my God, almighty Father, eternal power, who can make pure that which was conceived of unclean seed, Primellus, the Beginning, the First-Born, the Wisdom, the Virtue, the Sun, the Brilliance, the Glory, the Peace, the Light, the Bread,152 the Mouth, (5) the Word, the Salvation, the Angel, the Bridegroom, the Prophet, the Lamb, the Sheep, the Calf, the Serpent, Aries, Leo, the Worm, hear clearly the propitious prayers and invocations of your servant, that through the power of your holy names, that with my body” etc.153

(6) Then say these additional names which follow: “Strong Elscha, just Abbadia, most pious Alpha and Omega, sweetest Leiste, most potent Oristyon, most excellent Yeremon, lofty Hofbor,154 Merkerpon the helper, Elzephares the defender, Egyryon the protector, Pheta the generous, (7) hear kindly the supplications of your servant, so that from your gift of grace through the intercession of your blessed mother, the virgin Mary, and of your angels and archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael, and all other celestial angels (8) and of your apostles Peter and Paul, John and Jacob, Andrew, Matthew, Simon, Jude, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, and Barnabus, that with my body ...” etc.155

(9) Postea dices ista sequencia nomina Dei. “Ombonar ineffabilis, Stimulamathon in substancia invisibilis, Oryon inestimabilis, Erion inpermutabilis, Noymos clementissime, Pep incommensurabilis, Nathanatay incorruptibilis, Theon inmense, Ysiston gloriose, Porho tocius misericordie.”19

(10) Postea dices hanc oracionem:


“Respice humiliter preces humilis servi tui non aspiciens neque vindicans inennarrabiles iniquitates, quas contra te feci; quoniam, ‘si iniquitates observaveris, quis sustinebit?’ (11) Set tu, Domine, ‘suscitans a terra inopem et de stercore erigens pauperem’ in virtute sancte humilitatis et obediencie tue, sicut dicitur: (12) ‘factus est obediens usque ad mortem’—et alibi: ‘Ego autem humiliatus sum nimis’—quam pro peccatoribus humiliter pati atque recipere voluisti, sic preces meas placatus recipias—(13) quia confiteor et scio, quia tu es misericors tocius creature te firmiter invocantis, testante David et dicente: ‘Cor contritum et humiliatum Deus non despicies,’ (14) et alibi: ‘Prope est Dominus omnibus invocantibus eum in veritate’—ut animam meam a tenebris corpusculi mei suscitare et a stercore peccatorum meorum erigere digneris, ut abluto corpore” et cetera.

(15) Et postea dices hec nomina hanc sequentem oracionem constituencia.

(9) Then say these following names of God: “Ombonar ineffable, Stimulamathon in substance invisible, Oryon inestimable, Erion unchangeable, Noymos most merciful, Pep immeasurable, Nathanatay incorruptible, Theon immeasurable, Hysiston glorious, Porho altogether merciful.”

(10) Then say this prayer:


“Look favorably on the prayers of your humble servant, not considering or punishing the many sins which I have committed against you; for, ‘if you consider our sins, who


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