The Sexy Librarian by Nicolette Dane

The Sexy Librarian by Nicolette Dane

Author:Nicolette Dane [Dane, Nicolette]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Dane Publishing
Published: 2016-01-06T23:00:00+00:00


Esme and I sat next to one another on the train, making our way back up to the city. Wrapping her arm around me, Esme pulled me close to her and we embraced. I gently placed my palm on her thigh as we hugged in silence for a few moments. The soft, melodic clacking of the train wheels against the track was all that could be heard in that moment. The train itself was near empty.

Turning her head, Esme softly kissed me on my wool cap, nuzzling her nose against it.

“I can’t believe you did that for me,” she said, breaking our silence.

“Well, I felt bad,” I said. “I did, after all, kinda… you know, steal the novella from you.” She laughed sweetly, obviously amused by our little joint deception.

“I think we started this all off on the wrong foot,” she said. “You saw a failing in my character,” said Esme, looking wistful, disappointed in herself. “I got too greedy with my love of books. That’s not really who I am.”

“That’s okay,” I reassured her. “I probably would have done the same thing.”

“I’m just so relieved that it worked out,” said Esme, smiling, kissing my hat again. “Thank you.”

“And I’m not that manipulative,” I interjected. “I mean, not usually,” I said, giggling. “I can be, obviously, but I try to only use my powers for good.”

“That’s big of you,” Esme teased. Reaching behind her head, she undid her bun and let her beautiful red hair tumble down over her shoulders, shaking her head to fluff her hair out.

“Mmm,” I cooed, my eyes looking over to her deeply colored hair, lifting my hand up and allowing my fingers to lazily play with her subtle curls.

“Let’s wipe all of it clean, okay?” asked Esme.

“Sure,” I said. “We can start fresh.”

“I really want to make a good impression on you, Amelia,” admitted Esme, chewing softly on her lip. “I like you.”

I smiled, I kissed Esme on her lips once cheerfully, and then a gave a little closed-mouth titter.

“I like you, too,” I said after a moment.

“You don’t think I’m…” said Esme, averting her eyes for a moment in thought, her lips straightening. “I don’t know, a bit too old for you?”

“No,” I said. “I like that about you. I’ve always felt a bit more mature than my age. And plus, you’re totally gorgeous,” I said, pawing at her with my fingers. “I’m smitten!”

“I just worry that our interests will diverge,” said Esme, intertwining her arm with mine, our bodies resting against each other in those small train seats. “I’ve been with younger girls before.”

“I don’t want to worry about it,” I said, admiring her beauty. Her face was loving and delicate, the little freckles under her eyes peeking out from her makeup. “And besides, I’m excited for you to teach me… you know,” I said, feeling slightly embarrassed by what I was hinting at. “Stuff.” Esme laughed.

“Wait!” she said, eyes widening, looking at me seriously. “You’re not wearing the… “ she said, lowering her voice when she spoke the next word.


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