The Robot by afro_owl796

The Robot by afro_owl796

Author:afro_owl796 [afro_owl796]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fanworks, Original Work, Original Character(s), Original Female Character(s) - Freeform, Original Male Character(s) - Freeform, Gen, No Archive Warnings Apply, Robot/Human Relationships, Robots, Androids, ABDL, Diapers, Spanking, Non-Consensual Spanking, Non-Sexual Age Play, Robot & Human Relationships, Infantilism, Explicit, Masturbation, Self-Discovery, Self-Esteem Issues
Publisher: Archive of Our Own
Published: 2023-04-28T00:00:00+00:00

* * *

In hindsight, it was a terrible thing to test Adam, to see just how much he was willing to tolerate. But, at that present moment, such a thought had not yet crossed Adea’s mind.

Her French vanilla milkshake long gone, and the ice-cream parlour a good hour or so behind her, Adea set her sights on the roadside attractions Adam drove past.

All it took to make Adam stop was for Adea to sit up, and say something to the effect of, Can’t we pull over, Adam? Those five words earned Adea a large quantity of all sorts of trinkets, souvenirs and other sundries which Adam duly bought for her.

It was very childish of Adea, really, but it was perfectly in tune with the behaviour this one-on-one trip with Adam had been inspiring all day. In Adea’s mind, this was little different — or intended to be little different — from a father taking his daughter out for a bonding experience.

If Adam was willing to play such a role, Adea didn’t see why she couldn’t indulge him — or, indulge herself, for that matter. Wasn’t the whole point of relocating to Asimov Bay to give Adea the space to be herself?

In present, Adam and Adea were en route to a park of some sort — Adea guessed as much from her sticker paper — when Adam turned the car radio all the way down.

“Adea,” he said, using her full name to catch her attention.


“We’ve been getting very side-tracked as of late. It would be best if we don’t make anymore deviations or unplanned stops. That and, I think you’ve gotten enough new things for one day.”

Adea understood what Adam meant because of his plainess. His words made sense so she nodded along.

“Yeah, I get you.” She really, really did. She frowned as they passed another shop along the road, and then craned her neck to watch it grow smaller and smaller as Adam drove further away.

“Well, I’m happy that you understand.” Adam moved to turn the radio back up.

All was well.

Until Adea began to bounce in her car seat. “Oh! Oh!” She lurched forward, trying to point something out to Adam. “Can’t we pull over, Adam? Please? This is the last time, I promise!”

She waited in her seat with bated breath, and when those magic words came, I’ll hold you to it, Adea’s demeanour grew more jubilant.


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