The Race to Doobesh by Tony Abbott

The Race to Doobesh by Tony Abbott

Author:Tony Abbott
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Published: 2015-03-13T16:00:00+00:00

Without thinking, Neal reached for the bowl. All at once — splash!

His three feet were suddenly wet. But when he looked down, the cave floor was perfectly dry.

“Invisible water,” said Pasha. “I invented it. I have no idea what it’s good for yet. Here —”

He pulled a pinch of glittering orange dust from one of his many pouches and sprinkled it on the floor.

Sparr tapped his wolfen feet on the spot, and the floor was dry again.

“Awesome,” said Julie. “I love how you make magic.”

Pasha sighed. “Yes, well. Magic is what trapped me here, don’t you know —”

“Oh!” said Keeah. She staggered once, then shut her eyes. “The voice … !”

Eric looked at her. “A new clue. What is he saying?”

Keeah’s eyes opened. “He said … find … the … ring —”

Pasha jumped. “I was searching for a ring when I got trapped here!”

“Tell us all about it,” said Sparr.

Pasha took a deep breath. “For ages, I’d heard about a fabulous ring of the purest, whitest silver. In the old legends, it was known as the Ring of Midnight. Its power has something to do with the moon. Of course, I wanted to find the ring and study it.”

Eric thought of the silver moon he had been seeing all day. “What does the Ring of Midnight do?”

“I never found out,” Pasha told the children. “But it’s not meant to be worn on a finger. No, no, it’s about this big….” He curved his thumb and middle finger into a half circle.

Neal nodded. “About the size of an English muffin pizza. Go on.”

“When I’d heard that pirates had stolen the ring, along with lots of other magic, and hid it all here in this old pirate cave, I came to find it,” said Pasha. “My magic helped get me this far —”

Eric gasped. “Pirate cave? Of course! This must be the hideout the fog pirates told us about. The beasts raided it and stole everything.”

“Just so,” said the magic maker. “The ring was already gone when I arrived. But whenever I tried to leave, the storm kept leading me right back here. I was trapped! I used the time well, though. I made things. Like this, for instance!”

He grabbed the strange wooden staff from the wall.

“I finished it this morning and was just going to try it when you arrived. Come, then. And cross your fingers — or claws!”

He ran through the passage to the cave entrance. Then, pressing a flat jewel mounted into the staff, he aimed its pointed finger out of the cave toward the sandstorm.

Suddenly, the winds parted in front of the finger and a path opened through the swirling sand.

Pasha laughed. “It works! Now we can all go back to Doobesh together —”

“Wait!” said Sparr, touching his ears suddenly. “Out here, I can hear the beasts. They’re already through the fire. They’re getting closer.”

Keeah turned to the little man. “Pasha,” she said, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to go back to Doobesh without us. We really can’t return until we destroy the magic forge.


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