The Life of Mohammed - The Sira by Warner Bill

The Life of Mohammed - The Sira by Warner Bill

Author:Warner, Bill [Warner, Bill]
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This is the Sunna of Mohammed



4:14 But those who disobey Allah and His Messenger and go beyond His limits, will be led into the Fire to live forever, and it will be a humiliating torment!


The Meccans had lost at the battle of Badr, but they raised an army and returned to fight the Muslims at Uhud, near Medina.

I560 When they saw the Meccans, Mohammed said, “Let there be no fighting until I give the word.” Mohammed placed 50 archers to protect his rear and flank. They must not move but hold that ground.

I562 The morrow came and the battle was to begin. Now the Meccans had brought their women for the sole purpose urging on the men. Men do not want to be cowards in front of women. The women began to beat their tambourines and chant poetry:

If you advance we will hug you

And place soft rugs beneath you

If you retreat we will leave you

Leave and no more love you.

I557 Hind, a Meccan woman, had a black slave called Washi, who was an expert with the javelin. She told Washi that if he could kill Hamza [Hamza had killed Hind’s uncle at Badr.] he would give him his freedom. On the way to the battle, whenever Hind saw Washi, she would say, “Come on, you father of blackness, satisfy your vengeance and ours.”

I557 During the battle Washi hung near the edge of the fighting and looked for Hamza. Hamza fought like a lion as Washi watched. As Hamza fought one of the Meccans, he said, “Come here, you son of a clitoris cutter. “ Hamza then killed the man whose mother performed the female circumcision [removed the girl’s clitoris, common surgery in Arabia.] Then Washi threw his javelin and killed Hamza. Washi was now free and left the field.

The Muslims lost because the archers did not hold their position, and instead they ran to the Meccan camp to steal their goods.

The Meccans won, but they did not press their advantage and let Mohammed escape.

I578 Hind and other women went through the battlefield and mutilated the corpses. Hind cut off their ears and noses to make them into bracelets. Hind removed Hamza’s liver and chewed it raw.

We have rewarded you for Badr

Continued war is violent

I was broken by the loss of my father and brother

I have fulfilled my vengeance

Washi has slacked the burning in my breast

Thank you Washi. —Hind

I586 The dead Muslims were buried in the battlefield. Mohammed said, “I testify that all who are wounded in jihad will be raised by Allah with his bleeding wounds smelling like the finest perfume.” Mohammed heard the women weeping for their dead, but he wanted wailing for his uncle Hamza as well. So the women wailed for Hamza and Mohammed felt better.

The Muslims had lost because they did not obey Mohammed’s orders. So the Koran said that from now on Muslims must obey Mohammed in all things. They were not to lose courage, as there would be opportunity in the future to get more war booty.


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