The Engineered Throne by Megan Derr

The Engineered Throne by Megan Derr

Author:Megan Derr [Derr, Megan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: M/M romance, fantasy
Publisher: Less Than Three Press, LLC
Published: 2013-11-13T05:00:00+00:00


Vellem's eyes kept catching on the heavy ring on the second finger of his right hand. He was not accustomed to wearing something so … visible … at all hours of the day. He had to keep fighting an urge to remove it. Jewelry was a liability in his field, where it could catch on something and cause any number of disasters, large and small. He felt like he was doing something wrong by keeping it on.

He would undoubtedly grow accustomed to it, but after six days it was still more strange than not.

Shaking his head, Vellem tried to focus on the books before him, but if there was something more boring than a book of law, Vellem never wanted to know about it because he probably would die of boredom. Sitting back, he scrubbed at his face and thought longingly of going for a walk or a ride or something. Anything that was not sitting at his desk alternating paperwork with studying.

A knock came at the door and Vellem sat up as Wess went to answer it, brightening a bit when Bertin stepped into the room. "Are you wearing a Tallideth military uniform?" he asked, mouth curving as he looked over the dark orange, black-trimmed uniform.

"Well, I could hardly keep wearing the Belemere one," Bertin replied then caught himself. "Um. Your Majesty. My apologies—"

Vellem waved the words aside, smiling. Nearby Wess did a poor job of smothering a laugh. "I suppose you are the first member of the Tallideth Royal Army Corps of Engineers," he said. "Though it's a bit early to be making you colonel. We shall have to pick special colors for the engineers, though I'm not sure what's left at this point."

Wess gave another wholly unconvincing cough, grinning when Bertin shot him what everyone had quickly taken to calling his 'teacher look.' Turning back to Vellem, Bertin said, "I was speaking with the generals about it; we'll have a few ideas for you in a couple of weeks. We're also devising a crest. I have a supply list for you in regards to outfitting the old armory properly and a list of potential regular suppliers." He set the small bundle of papers on the edge of Vellem's desk in a gold-trimmed wooden box meant for such things. It was already piled well over the edge. "The city engineers will be here to meet with you middle of next week. I gave the dates to your secretary." He pointed a thumb over his shoulder, indicating the larger main office where Vellem usually sat at a desk close to Perdith's. It had gotten too noisy for him to study so he'd retreated to the quieter inner office. "I did have something to ask, your Majesty. A personal matter."

The sudden somber tone caught Vellem's attention, and he looked up from the list of questions he'd been making to ask Perdith later. "Excuse us a moment, Wess."

"Majesty," Wess said and slipped from the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Vellem motioned for Bertin to take a seat.


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