Take Me Home by Ria M. Apple

Take Me Home by Ria M. Apple

Author:Ria M. Apple [Apple, Ria M.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: romance
Published: 2019-04-02T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 16

“You have got to be kidding me right now!” I mumbled.

“Is the towel still covering me up?”

“Yes, barely so hold still!”

Gen’s breath was at my nose level. Even through my sweat shirt and hair mess her breath had a heat to it wrinkling my nose and warming me inside. I listened intensively and counted each breath she took. She was taking deep breaths every two breaths or so centering herself. Her hands felt strong but delicate against my elbows. I wasn’t mad at her for trying to free me. She was trying to help me and all those feeling I felt minutes ago which I tried so hard to stuff down like a jack in the box came popping up and flooding back to me.

“If, you stop fidgeting I could help you! Relax, your just trapped by your…”

Umm, she stopped talking abruptly. Her breathing fell off center, picking up as ragged. I wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Gen? Gen! Are you ok?”

I knew she was still there, I could feel her hands clasped stronger around my upper arms. Crap, I tried to wiggle free but my sweat shirt was restricting that action. I didn’t get very far, and I was smothered by more fabric.

“Ok, I need you to not freak out.” Her breath left my face, but her arms where still there.

“Here’s the thing. That’s like telling someone not to look down when they are extremely afraid of heights. Then always look down and have a panic attack. So…”

“So, I haven’t looked down. But your towel is not, um, on you anymore, I’m afraid...”

Yes it was so much worse.

“I’m not looking.”

“Crap… Your saying my towel is on the floor and a very beautiful lesbian is staring at a rather chunky girl, who’s stock naked! No, this doesn’t at all sound as bad as it seems!” If I could I would have crossed my arms, I would have pouted. The talk off the ledge was not helping especially when I heard her giggling.

“Your laughing… Fantastic Gen... You know not all girls are made the same. Some of us don’t have abs and slender legs. We have meat and potatoes with sides of cole slaw, that we wish wasn’t there from time to time, but we still love who we are!” And again, I tried with no success to get out of my sweatshirt.

“I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because this wasn’t how I wanted this evening to go. Someone is playing a cruel joke on me with putting you here. And believe me, if I were you, I would be proud of that body. I looked away as fast as I could, but I still had a two second window to see you and I wish I hadn’t, I do, but I did and believe me when I say this… You are without a freaking doubt, a heart attack waiting to happen on me. You are everything I would want if you weren’t very much straight. And Mia those curves…”

She stopped talking and took a very long inhale and exhale.


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