Resurrection (The Raven Bringer Saga Book 1) by C. A. McHugh

Resurrection (The Raven Bringer Saga Book 1) by C. A. McHugh

Author:C. A. McHugh [McHugh, C. A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fantasy, sword and sorcery, high fantasy, dark fantasy
Publisher: Crista McHugh
Published: 2016-07-24T22:00:00+00:00


Aerrin’s foul mood lingered all the way to the palace. His first royal ceremony, and it had been ruined. Between the Knight Protector and the Captain of the Guard, he’d been asked nearly a dozen times what had happened. But one look of warning from Master Binnius sealed his lips. For some reason, the old man wanted him to remain silent about the assassination attempt, the demon, and the two strange men inside the inner sanctuary.

I’ll have answers soon, one way or another.

The only thing that calmed the fear drumming through his veins was the fact that Master Binnius seemed to know the men, whoever they were. More importantly, he trusted them. Why else would he have been so calm when everything turned to chaos?

And I trust Master Binnius, as frustrating as he can be at times.

Once they were inside the palace gates, Altos came alongside him. “Are you alright?”

“Fine, fine. Just embarrassed.”

His uncle’s lips twitched. “Why? That was probably one of the most dramatic cauldron lightings in decades. You’ll have a hard time topping it next year.”

“Ha-ha,” he replied without an ounce of humor.

“So what happened?”

Aerrin cast a glance at the old mage, who responded with a subtle shake of his head. Time to come up with a good lie. “One of Master Binnius’s spells misfired.”

There. If anyone would take the fall for the odd events of the day, let it be the one shrouded in secrets.

Altos chuckled and went over to Binnius. “Got to be careful where you sling that magic, old man.”

The master mage gave him a thin smile. “Yes, age has dulled my reflexes.”

He banged his staff against the stone courtyard, and a spell sparked from his staff.

Altos jumped back, his face a shade paler.

“So sorry about that, Your Highness. You know how we old mages are. Losing control of all our processes.”

Aerrin covered his mouth as he laughed. Binnius may have been old, but his wits were as sharp as ever, not to mention his power as a mage. Only a fool would take him on.

Binnius bowed his head. “I believe you wished to speak to me in private, Your Majesty?”

He squared his shoulders and adopted an authoritative air to his voice. “Yes, Master Binnius. This way.”

Most of the guests headed toward the Great Hall for the feast that had been laid out by the palace staff, but Aerrin veered off to the west wing that housed his private quarters. Once they were safely inside the confines of his study, he unfastened the top two buttons of his tunic and said, “Time for the answers you promised me.”

“Did I promise you answers, Your Majesty?” Binnius cocked a brow in defiance. “I believe I said we’d have a revealing conversation, but I never implicitly promised you anything.”

Aerrin dug his fingers into his palms to keep from losing his temper. He may have been the king, but the mage was treating him like a child. “Need I remind you that we are not within the walls of the Academy?”

“Such is the pity.


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