Red Unicorn by Lee Tanith

Red Unicorn by Lee Tanith

Author:Lee, Tanith [Lee, Tanith]
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: e-ISBN 1-59019-586-8, Stories in rhyme, Book for children, Tanaquil is drawn into another world in which her mirror self is plotting to murder her sister., Learning, is infatuated with her own true love, Feeling neglected because her sorceress mother is enamored with a flamboyant magician and her sister, Empress Lizra
Publisher: Byron Preiss Visual Publications
Published: 2010-07-13T16:00:00+00:00


The dungeon was not so pleasant as the pillared room.

But for a dungeon, she guessed, it was not too bad.

There was quite a large high window, with bars ornamentally in the shape of lilies. A clean mattress and pillow lay in a corner, and there was a big jar filled with water. The floor had been swept. It smelled of nothing.

Under the window, the peeve sat, washing carefully after the battle.

Once the Sulkana had swept from the room, and her counselor gone after her, the princess called in her guard to prize the two frenzied fighters apart. There had been quite a few bitten fingers and colorful curses before the veepe was tied, scrabbling and gargling, to a pillar, and the peeve cornered. The guards seemed able to do little else with him. Although they told him some of the things they would like to do, which involved large bonfires and small fur coats.

At last Tanaquil came out of the pillar; there was also a knob on the inside. This rather astonished some of the guards. She leashed the peeve using her sash. That brought back memories, none of them fond.

She and the peeve were then taken by a back way, down a back stair, and pushed into the dungeon.

The light had moved across the window since then. The green sky between the bars was tinged rosily at the bottom. She hoped, by now, Stinx was feeling better, wherever he was.

Tanaquil had not said very much to the peeve. She had been lost in her own jumbled thoughts.

Now, the peeve spoke.

"Not Honj."

"No, not really. Not our Honj."

Ours. Mine. Not.

The hurt of it was so unbearable she could bear it. She was stunned. Of all the things she had expected, and maybe she should have expected this too, (the talk of marriage) she had not reckoned that her only love would have his parallel self also in this world. Here his hair was black as coal, he dressed like a nobleman, and he was Lord Counselor Jharn, not Prince Honj, captain of the Locusts. But he was still about to marry the ruler, that must be so. To marry Liliam who was Lizra.

And the way Tanakil had changed. Did she love him here as Tanaquil the Mender had loved Honj, under a sky that was blue?

"Because," said the peeve, in an intent voice, "him in here, like us."


"I come in here too, be with you."

"That was very kind. Loyal. That fight was a bit . . . but anyway, I'm glad you did come. We need to think about it, too, how you got in. There was a gate, wasn't there, under the rock hill? The waterspout must have activated it."

"Not gate," said the peeve. "In."

Tanaquil nodded. "In by the gate. Like before."

"Not, not. In," the peeve raised one paw, put it down.

"You can't explain?" said Tanaquil.

"Not got words."

Frustrated, the peeve pretended he had a flea. He went into a flurry and toppled over. Perhaps trying to make her laugh.

She must question the peeve again, when her head was more clear.


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