Neil Gaiman by The Sea Change

Neil Gaiman by The Sea Change

Author:The Sea Change [ss] [Change, The Sea]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-04-08T23:18:34+00:00

I tasted salt. We are made of seawater and bone: That's what the stationer told me when I was a boy.

It had occurred to me since that waters break to herald every birth, and I am certain that those waters must taste salt - remembering, perhaps, my own birth.

The world beneath the sea was blur. Cold, cold, cold . . .

I do not believe I truly saw her. I can not believe.

A dream, or madness, the lack of air, the blow upon the head: That's all she was.

But when in dreams I see her, as I do, I never doubt her.

Old as the sea she was, and young as a new-formed breaker or a swell.

Her goblin eyes had spied me. And I knew she wanted me.

They say the sea folk have no souls: Perhaps the sea is one huge soul they breathe and drink and live.

She wanted me. And she would have had me; there could be no doubt.

And yet . . .


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