Mark of the Fool 6: A Progression Fantasy Epic by J.M. Clarke

Mark of the Fool 6: A Progression Fantasy Epic by J.M. Clarke

Author:J.M. Clarke [Clarke, J.M.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Aethon Books
Published: 2024-02-07T00:00:00+00:00

“Here!” Heinrich pointed his chin toward a door close by. “That’s one of the kitchens! It shares a wall with the main chamber!”

“Excellent.” Alex nodded to his golem. “Claygon, get the door, would you?”

A single blow of his massive stone fist opened the kitchen door, allowing him and the hyperventilating merchant to enter. ‘The door… is open, Father.’

“Good work, buddy.” Alex floated in, leading his companions.

In the distance, hell-boar squeals echoed through passageways along with dull thuds from monstrous skulls hammering on reinforced doors. Beyond that, shrill demon voices grew louder as the chaotic sounds of clashing between demons and his summoned monsters died down.

“I think the enemy’s about done with my distractions,” Alex said grimly. “They’ll be on us soon.” He indicated the wall on the opposite end of the cavernous kitchen. Gut-churning scents rising from massive ovens made him glad he didn’t know what was being roasted. “Khalik, you think you can do it?”

“I think so,” the prince said thoughtfully, floating past a row of cauldrons—each large enough to fit Grimloch, Brutus, and Claygon into—bubbling with a ropey-looking green liquid. He touched the stone wall, closing his eyes, muttering an incantation. “Yes. I can do it from here!”

“Do what, exactly?” Cedric demanded. “Care t’let us dumb ones in on the plan, y’masters o’strategies?”

The prince turned, jerking a thumb toward the wall. “I will be using a spell to weaken and open the stone here.”

“Then I’ll have Claygon charge through it, breaking a great big hole in the side of their chamber.” Alex smiled. “Then we all rush in while they’re caught off guard and… we break them.”

“Aye… aye!” Cedric’s eyes lit up. “I like the sound o’that! So, then we… huh.” He abruptly turned to the Sage. “Say, Drestra, I’ve got me’self an idea. Would y’mind helpin’ out wit’ it?”

“If it lets us kill more demons easily, it’d be my pleasure,” her voice crackled through her veil.

“Aye, good.” The Chosen smiled. “Why don’t we give these little demons an even bigger surprise?” His eyes went to the bubbling cauldrons. “Somethin’ t’grab their attention.”

“Hold on now.” Hart looked down at Heinrich, his grin absolutely evil. “What about two more surprises?”

Now it was Alex’s turn to smile. “See? You’re already learning more about cooperating and using your resources. Ain’t that a grand thing?”

Together, the companions hatched their plan.


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