Love, Streamed by Delilah Swift

Love, Streamed by Delilah Swift

Author:Delilah Swift [Swift, Delilah]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Amazon: B0CCJYQQ2J
Goodreads: 193952612
Publisher: anonymous
Published: 2023-07-19T22:00:00+00:00


The taste of our meeting with Harrison Belmont is bitter on my tongue, the promises veiled with threats hanging heavy in the air between us. His offer, as alluring as it might seem, bears a price. A price I'm not sure I am willing to pay. The bitter taste of it, a stark contrast to the sweet wine we'd sipped in his office, leaves me yearning for something more authentic, something real.

Golden Gate Park sprawls before us like a well-tended oasis. As we walk into its welcoming arms, the bustling city's clamor fades away. It feels like stepping into another world, where the whispering wind and rustling leaves weave a symphony of their own, a world far removed from the masked opulence of Belmont's office.

Lara and I amble through the park, our steps slow and unhurried. The silence that we share isn't uncomfortable; instead, it feels like a safe space for introspection. Our hands occasionally brush against each other in a quiet acknowledgement of our shared experience.

Finally, Lara's voice cuts through the stillness. "What do you think about Belmont’s offer?"

I pause, mulling over her question. "It's tempting," I confess, my voice barely a whisper against the backdrop of the park's gentle sounds. "But it's restrictive too. And it feels like he's more interested in the public Lara and Alice, rather than my actual work."

"I felt that too," Lara echoes, her tone somber. "The offer's generous, but the cost..."

Our conversation fades into silence again, the weight of our predicament settling in. We stop by a serene pond, the tranquil surface reflecting the vibrant hues of the setting sun. A family of ducks swims idly, their lazy movements painting a picture of serenity.

As we watch the peaceful scene, my mind veers back to the farce we've crafted. "Lara," I start, my voice a little shaky. " do you think it's going?"

Lara turns to look at me, her brown eyes wide with surprise. "You mean the 'us' for the public or the 'us' right here?"

"Both," I confess, looking at her earnestly.

Lara is quiet for a moment. "I think the public 'us' is doing great. Better than we expected," she says finally. "As for the 'us' here... I don't know, Alice. It's easy, so easy... There are times when I forget that we're pretending."

The honesty of her confession takes me aback. The lines between our staged romance and our growing friendship are blurring, and it's harder than I'd thought to keep them separate. Her confession resonates with my own feelings.

"So do I," I confess, a small smile playing on my lips as our gazes lock. "It's become a challenge to define Instagram versus reality. The more time I spend with you, the more I wonder if this act isn't just an act."


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