Ishura, Vol. 5: Grotesque Seeds Lay Dormant by Keiso and Kureta

Ishura, Vol. 5: Grotesque Seeds Lay Dormant by Keiso and Kureta

Author:Keiso and Kureta [Keiso and Kureta]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Yen On
Published: 2023-11-21T00:00:00+00:00

The rumors about the seventh match’s arena had begun spreading even among the citizenry.

It was the match of Mele the Horizon’s Roar, the living legend who had protected the Sine Riverstead from any threat against it. The people were highly interested in him, only dwarfed by their interest in Rosclay the Absolute, Alus the Star Runner, and Toroa the Awful, and when Hyakka went into the city, every day, he’d hear the topic come up around him more and more.

That day, Hyakka entered a general store to do some inconsequential shopping.

“Good day, Hyakka, sir! I’ve heard the rumors about the royal games!”

“Thanks! This, please…and three of those lampwicks.”

“Yes, right away. Our supplier’s changed from last month, but I’ve already confirmed their quality for myself. Rest easy… Incidentally, will the match arena really be Dogae Basin?”

“No, it hasn’t exactly been decided on yet!”

Hyakka gave this sort of answer whenever he was directly asked about the subject. He was a man concerned with worldly pursuits, but he was still an upright civil official. He couldn’t give false answers no matter what.

“However, it does seem like things will turn out like that soon.”

Therefore, he tempered people’s impressions with responses that weren’t technically lies.

It could be said that this future was on the horizon, though, now that the rumor was spreading voluntarily among the people.

“Ha-ha. Is that right? So it’s not set in stone?”

“I assume, then, people really are talking like it is, after all?”

“Both the blacksmith Yewty and the boss at the Sparkling Stag were saying as much! After all, I mean, it’s Mele the Horizon’s Roar’s match we’re talking about here. Anyone who says they’re not interested is a liar.”

“Are tickets already being sold? I need to take care on my end to know if there are any shops accepting reservations before everything’s decided, after all!”

“For the seventh match… I haven’t heard any myself. The second match apparently filled up with reservations a long time ago. Is it true that Lucnoca the Winter’s gonna take part? Eh-hee-hee-hee!”

…Mrrrm. I guess things aren’t going to turn out that perfectly for me.

If hasty shops were already getting to work, he would’ve been able to present the rumors of the arena as indisputable facts.

However, for that reason, tickets sales were being strictly regulated.

The results of any negotiations were submitted to Aureatia’s Third Minister, who was in charge of trade and commerce—Jel the Swift Ink. As long as he didn’t acknowledge the situation, it would mean it’d be impossible to have the shops clear the way for him ahead of time.

“Though, well, that’s good,” said the shopkeeper.

“What’s good?”

“Oh, no, nothing, nothing, just talking to myself. We’ll be eagerly awaiting your next visit to our shop, Hyakka, sir!”

The rumor was spreading among the people. Things were going smoothly—that’s how it seemed to Hyakka.


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