HonorObey: Part 6: Bit and Bridle by D.J. Heart

HonorObey: Part 6: Bit and Bridle by D.J. Heart

Author:D.J. Heart [Heart, D.J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-02-25T00:00:00+00:00



David liked Rex’s stables. He’d gotten to spend hours between the legs of two of the hottest and scariest men he’d ever seen, tongue free to explore between their muscular cheeks and lick their heavy balls, all the while pre-cum, sweat and come dripped down and absolutely drenched his face. Then Adam had come and taken him to a shower, taking off his boots and the corset slash straitjacket, and washed him down with the kind of tenderness that made David feel positively gooey inside.

It was awesome.

“Think you can handle getting back into the pony gear for the night?” Adam asked as he dried him off, the fluffy white towel moving between his legs and drying his swollen sac. The movement jostled the big plug inside of him, making him wonder how long Adam intended to leave it in.

“The boots, maybe,” David hedged. The boots had been uncomfortable, but the corset had made it really hard to get a full breath of air. It had made being strapped down to the bench intensely more uncomfortable than it had to be, though David guessed that was sort of the point.

“And the rest of it,” Adam said, leaving the words hanging like he was waiting for David to contradict him.

David didn’t.

“Good boy,” Adam said, his voice pitched low and rumbly as he kissed the junction of David’s neck and shoulder. “Knew you would be so good for me.”

David’s belly tingled with warm happiness at the praise, and he decided to do his best with the restrictive pony gear. It wasn’t like it was terrible to wear – just uncomfortable.

Lips pressed against his neck, Adam spent a minute just standing behind him, moving his nose up behind David’s ear and into the back of his hair. After a few seconds David realized that he was tracing the places the leather bridle had been strapped into place.

It was strange, how a few strips of leather could make his head feel so trapped. The sensation verged on claustrophobic, and David wondered for the millionth time how he could enjoy something that objectively felt so awful.

He decided not to think too hard about it.

After he’d dried him off, Adam led him into the tack-room where Blake and Archie were waiting. They were still intimidating – Blake especially – but the way Adam ordered them around made David feel a lot safer.

It was clear that neither man would disobey David’s soon to be husband.

“Same getup?” Blake asked when they entered, looking hot and dangerous as he leaned against the wall. He’d taken off his shirt, leaving his ripped abs and bouncy pecs on display, his tight jeans showing off his long, muscular legs and bulging crotch.

“That’s right,” Adam said, pushing David toward Archie who stood ready with the cuffs he’d worn earlier.

Archie grabbed his wrists and fastened the thick leather cuffs with practiced ease, lifting David’s hands up and connecting them to the chain dangling from the ceiling. As soon as they clipped in place, Blake pressed the button to hoist him into the air.


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