HonorObey: Part 3: The Bad Puppy by D.J. Heart

HonorObey: Part 3: The Bad Puppy by D.J. Heart

Author:D.J. Heart [Heart, D.J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-08-07T23:00:00+00:00



“Good morning, puppy.”

David blinked his eyes open and stared at his fiancé, groggy and feeling incredibly hung over.

The night before he’d met up with Misha and Amy, and what was supposed to be a quiet night in had quickly morphed into a raging party with more beer and vodka than good sense.

He’d gotten so drunk.

“Did I dream it or did you hogtie me in the bathtub and put ginger up my butt?”

“Not a dream,” Adam said, climbing onto the bed and straddling David from over the covers. He lowered himself down on his elbows so that he hovered over David’s face, kissing his cheek and biting gently at his jaw. “Part one of your punishment. Are you ready for part two?”

David couldn’t help the way his cock twitched. He’d woken up hard, and Adam crawling on top of him like the world’s heaviest blanket had only made him harder.

“I’m hung over,” he complained, at the same time as he arched his hips and pressed his erection up against the bulk of Adam’s body.

“Because you got drunk,” Adam said, suddenly sounding a lot less friendly. He sat up, putting the bulk of his weight on David’s chest and glared down at him. David was surprised to see that he looked genuinely angry.

“I’m a grown up, Adam. I can get drunk if I want to.”

David tried to make his voice firm, but the effect was ruined by Adam grabbing him by the throat and squeezing down on his Adam’s apple.

“Is that what you think?” Adam asked, a dangerous glint in his eye. David swallowed, the action emphasizing the pressure on his throat and making his balls pull up in pleasure.

He didn’t get why this was turning him on so much.

“Yeah,” he said, looking Adam right in the eye.

Adam tilted his head and studied him. “I thought we were on the same page here, David. I’m in charge. If I tell you not to get drunk, you don’t get drunk.”

Annoyed and turned on in equal measure, David shook his head as much as the grip on his throat would allow. “You’re in charge in the bedroom, sure, but not in real life.”

Adam’s eyebrows rose up and he laughed. “You’re cute, but you’re wrong. I am in charge of you, in the bedroom and in real life.” The hand on his throat slid up to cup his cheek, a blunt thumb pushing into the corner of his mouth. “I own you.”

David didn’t know what to say. His cock was hard and he was turned on, but the sincerity in Adam’s voice was terrifying. David wasn’t a little kid or a pet and he didn’t want to be treated as one.

Did he?

“Red,” David blurted out, remembering that he had a safeword.

Adam frowned, but he withdrew his hand and climbed off David’s chest. He stood at the edge of the bed and stared down at him. “Really, David?”

“I just need to think,” David said, his heart hammering against his chest.

“All right. Come into the kitchen when you’re ready and we’ll talk.


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