Desiring God's Will (The Spiritual Journey) by David G. Benner

Desiring God's Will (The Spiritual Journey) by David G. Benner

Author:David G. Benner [Benner, David G.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Published: 2015-09-22T22:00:00+00:00

Choosing with the Heart

In the previous chapters we have seen some of the limitations of the will. Naked willpower tends to produce pride and rigidity. Unchecked by love, it tends to make us mechanical and moralistic, impoverishing the soul and sapping our vitality. As a form of seeking, will keeps us focused on our self. While it is, of course, essential in directing our effort and unquestionably helpful in accomplishing important things, on its own it is seriously limited as an agent of transformation. More important, on its own it is not up to the task of aligning us with the will of God.

But resolve and determination are not the only way to choose. We can also allow our will to be led by our heart. The Hebrew psalmists knew about heart-choosing of God and have much to teach us about the role of desire in willing. Read and savor a small sample of the ways they express their longing for God.

God, you are my God, I am seeking you,

my soul is thirsting for you,

my flesh is longing for you. . . .

On my bed I think of you,

I meditate on you all night long. . . .

I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings;

my soul clings close to you. (Psalm 63:1, 6-7)


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