Dead America The Third Week (Book 4): Dead America, Miami by Slaton Derek

Dead America The Third Week (Book 4): Dead America, Miami by Slaton Derek

Author:Slaton, Derek [Slaton, Derek]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Zombie Apocalypse
Published: 2020-06-06T16:00:00+00:00


Ground Floor

Kenny planted his hands on the side of the six-foot tall concrete fence, and pulled himself up a bit so that he could see across the top of it. There was a small parking lot on the other side with a handful of cars, and a few dozen zombies shambling about. They were pretty spread out, despite their numbers.

Okay, get over the fence, get through them, and get to the street, he thought, worrying at his lower lip. If they’re that spread out, it shouldn’t take me more than ten minutes to get to the pier, even with my quad acting up.

He focused on the street, but between the cars, zombies, and palm trees, he couldn’t get a clear picture of what it looked like over there.

Of course, if it’s packed with them, I might be lunch. He swallowed hard, and sighed. He shook his head. He needed to think positively, if he had any chance of getting through this. He’d come this far. He needed to get to that boat. Think about cracking a beer with Captain Nicko.

He heaved up, pulling himself on top of the fence. He swung his legs over and then dropped down, feeling a twinge in his quad at the impact but shaking it off. He moved quickly to the first car, ducking behind it, and then got into a crouch, ready to sprint. The closest zombie was five yards away, and he chose his path, zig-zagging through them so that he could run to safety.

He took off, moving quickly enough that he was able to blow by the first corpse without it even knowing he was there. He moved swiftly, cutting across to avoid the next pair of creatures. Unfortunately with his speed and large frame, his footfalls weren’t silent, and many of the zombies in the lot turned towards him, moaning loudly.

He winced at the sound of their cries, especially considering a few from the street came around a beat-up sedan on the curb to see what all the fuss was about. Kenny vaulted onto the hood of the sedan, using the bumper as a springboard, and slid down the other side, hitting the grass.

He tried not to look over his shoulder, hearing the groans erupting from the excited zombies that were now chasing him. He tore through some trees and the front lawn of the building, running straight towards the road. There were several zombies across the way, but only a few on the road, thankfully.

He skidded to a stop on the sidewalk, and looked south towards the pier. He lungs nearly collapsed at the sight. The beaches weren’t the only place where it looked like Spring Break. There were easily hundreds of zombies stretched over the next few blocks. Probably further, but that was what he could see. And it wasn’t pretty.

Run man, run, he urged himself, and broke into a sprint, or at least as good of a sprint as his leg would allow. As he approached the beginning of the next block, he knew he needed a game plan.


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