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The next morning Frank Wells adjusted his oxygen regulator to two liters a minute, strapped on his face mask, and left camp 3 to start the long upward traverse across ...
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7 STRANGER THAN FICTION He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. SAMUEL JOHNSON, QUOTED IN ANECDOTES OF THE REVD PERCIVAL STOCKDALE ...
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Physical activity and protein modulation Seminal work by Holloszy demonstrated that muscles from treadmill-trained rats expressed higher mitochondrial protein content than from untrained rats (Holloszy, 1967). This and much work ...
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Training Similar to breaststroke, butterfly is a short axis stroke! There is no rotational momentum like in freestyle and backstroke, and therefore, proper mechanics and timing become critical at every ...
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Chapter 25 It begins with a hiss. For a second I think a cat’s got in and is preparing to go to war. It’s the same noise: a hackles up, ...
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Some places you have to moor either the bow or the stern to buoys or you have to moor to buoys both fore and aft. You can use nearly the ...
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Was the Hampshire carrying gold bullion to Russia along with Lord Kitchener? Neither the Royal Navy nor the Foreign Ministry has ever confirmed this tantalizing conjecture, but salvagers have been ...
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30 Tara Espinosa and Tara were already waiting for Gavin as he stepped out of the owner’s cabin and joined them in the cramped interview area just outside. Espinosa had ...
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“Worry if you want,” Larry teased me when he finished adding more supports to the boat, then came in to suggest we again try some editing. “The wind is dropping, ...
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2 Fandango The 2008 Pacific Slope Section meeting of the Lepidopterists’ Society got under way at nine on Saturday, July 12, in Alturas, California. I’ve belonged to the society since ...
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This primary atomic frequency standard, a hydrogen maser, served as a stable frequency source for the Goldstone tracking station. A backup of the Mariner 1 and 2 spacecraft hanging in ...
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Sail setting If the sails are too tight or too slack, the boat will slow down. For optimum speed, release the sail until it just starts to flap and then ...
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