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THE HOT SPRINGS The only hot springs along Montana’s northern tier, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs has attracted bathers from North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Montana since the 1920s. The term “hot ...
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Saturnian moon, Prometheus, discovered in 1980 (NASA). Chapter Eleven 4.5 Quintillion Joules Joseph Stalin can be faulted for any number of terrible shortcomings. That’s probably the kindest way to describe ...
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Radium Springs, located in a strategic place on an important southwestern travel route, has a rich history. Native Americans knew about the hot springs for centuries. The Apaches considered the ...
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Mexico City Earthquake, Mexico (1985) On September 19, 1985, Mexico was hit with a magnitude 8 earthquake. Its epicenter was in a subduction zone in the western part of the ...
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The role of gases in volcanic eruptions was self-evident to anyone who has seen an eruption. Lava froths furiously and fountains during eruptions, causing huge plumes of gas to rise ...
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Nisqually was Carol Davis’s most serene seismic experience. From the chairlift at Crystal Mountain ski area, she noticed something odd about the treetops. “They were dancing, waving back and forth,” ...
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A CATASTROPHE, BUT NOT CATASTROPHISM Now largely forgotten outside Switzerland, the 1818 Val de Bagnes disaster was nevertheless widely reported in the European press and became a major talking point ...
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CAMP MUIR I began going high. On quiet mornings I slipped out of the city before it awoke and drove to Paradise, snapped on a pair of gaiters, and walked ...
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This soothing explanation, however, was challenged by many natural scientists throughout Europe. And there’s little evidence that it calmed the minds of the people, especially when they had the chance ...
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The Dollar Real Money: a 1922 U.S. silver dollar. The most ordinary thing in the world, a scrap of paper: a buck, a greenback. The dollar: flimsy fuel for the ...
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The elegant copperplate and exquisitely courteous tone of Consul Cameron’s lengthy Krakatoa dispatch to Lord Granville, in London. The error is understandable. Kennedy had in fact been consul in Sumatra, ...
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Gary Carver’s memory of that deceptively sunny day was just as vivid. The shockwaves hit while he was driving to his office on the Humboldt State campus in Arcata. After ...
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The British consul in Batavia at the time was one Alexander Patrick Cameron; and five days later he sat down in his study and had his confidential clerk write out, ...
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