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Use of Thyroid Hormone (Seventh Century ad) Goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland, seen as a swelling in the neck. By the seventh century ad at the latest, ...
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Figure 7.5. Anomaly correlation skill for October–December average SST for ensemble predictions starting on 1 February performed with (a) a fully global CGCM, and (b) the same model except for ...
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9.2 Graphing Time and Space As noted earlier, a major goal of archaeological research virtually since its formal beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century is to explain the spatial and temporal ...
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News Media Use and Trust in Sources Little research has been done about trust in different information sources related to climate change in Canadian news. Instead, comparative studies suggest that ...
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A mix of plastic films, not recyclable Paper and aluminum foil: Recycle the paper if it’s completely free of candy. Tiny foil won’t end up being sorted correctly on its ...
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Chapter 12 The Woodlands in Autumn As autumn approaches, the sun sinking imperceptibly lower each day, the warm air rises from the summer-heated land, cold air rushes in to replace ...
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The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of consistently cool weather (and some particularly cold winters) that lasted for over 500 years from around 1300 to 1850,11 although the ...
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Feet When I am tracking, individual footprints can tell me a great deal about the animal that I am following. Experience has taught me to pay very close regard to ...
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The Bass Strait Islands Presumably this adaptation happened also in the islands and peninsulas which were the remnants of Sundaland, but the research there is not yet definitive. In Australia, ...
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2. Yellow micromass: the bright yellow colour is due to the presence of goethite mixed with clay minerals. Lixisol, tropical Africa. 3. Very dark brown micromass: the brown colour is ...
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3-SECOND BREEZE Solar storms produce bursts of charged particles and radiation which reach the Earth, affecting its atmosphere and modern technology. 3-MINUTE SHOWER An emerging activity in forecasting space weather ...
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