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Fig. 5.8 Detail from the map of Africa in Vincenzo Coronelli’s Atlante veneto (1690–1701). Courtesy of the David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries, On the ...
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Is it a reason to remove the bikes? And what about everything else humans like to do in bear country? Whose interests rule? Three years to the day after Treat’s ...
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The Postwar Emergence of International Energy Inequalities The post-Second World War era clearly witnessed important developments in a whole range of energy systems. In both the U.S. and the Soviet ...
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Fig. 5.4 Cuyperpassage — entrance Fig. 5.5 Cuyperpassage — mosaic Fig. 5.6 Amsterdam Central Station — section with Cuyperpassage on lower level Fig. 5.7 (over page) Cuyperpassage, Amsterdam 32 Cleveland ...
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m 3 2 pðvÞ ¼ 4 v2 exp À mv2 ; 2pkT 2kT where m is the molecular mass; the mean kinetic energy is just 3kT. This may be ringing ...
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Once upon a time, science saw notions like the personhood of nature ridiculous. Although the science is changing (for example, a growing contingent of biologists is seriously considering the possibility ...
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Fig. 6.15Solid volume fraction distribution of each section 5. Influence of structural parameters’ change on separation performance and optimization of structural parameters Separation efficiency and pressure drop are important indicators ...
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THE SOUTHERN RANGE The southern Coastal Plains extended from southeastern Virginia to East Texas and stretched from the fall line to the Low Country. Much of this vast tract was ...
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There is a smattering of laughter. In many ways this is precisely where ALife has always been: paddling furiously and generating waves of ideas that either crash spectacularly back on ...
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Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 January 15, 1919, was a very mild day for Boston in mid-winter. During the previous 3 days, temperatures had risen from approximately 2oF to 43oF ...
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Chapter 6 Weathering Wherever rocks are exposed at Earth’s surface, air, water, and living things cause them to change. They break down rocks into smaller pieces. Chemical reactions cause the ...
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‘What is the cause of thunder?’ In Chapman’s Bussy D’Ambois, the deadly fight between Bussy and the valiant warrior Barriso, which is reported onstage by a messenger, leads to a ...
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The Canterbury Pilgrims The summer moon, which shines in so many a tale, was beaming over a broad extent of uneven country. Some of its brightest rays were flung into ...
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