Survival & Emergency Preparedness
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RESILIENCE AS CONTINUITY After a crisis, disruption or disaster, it is not unusual to hear politicians and business leaders proclaim that in the short term we should seek ‘business as ...
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LEARN HOW TO PREDICT THE WEATHER Create your own prediction methods. The methods provided in this chapter are based on a few key (but very general) principles: •Major weather systems ...
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This type of evidence can tell a lot about its “supplier,” and serves well as a “portable” track trap. (a) Canine scat; (b) White-tailed deer scat. I worked in the ...
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Rainwater If your property doesn’t have any bodies of water nearby, you can use a catchment system for rainwater. This is the ultimate DIY water source. If you’re lucky enough ...
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Types of fire walls In some situations, you may find that an underground fireplace will best meet your needs. It conceals the fire and serves well for cooking food. To ...
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The above results ranked this outcome 25th out of 31 outcomes, with little difference between the ranking of faculty and industry respondents. Following analysis of these results by the task ...
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Chapter 23 Learn to Cook in a Crisis Make a plan for preparing hot meals and drinks without using electricity. I suppose it’s possible to slurp down a can of ...
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* * * — At the time of the convention, notwithstanding the occasional plane coming in low toward LAX, Mars was the brightest thing in the night sky above the ...
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Flashback: Seeing a grizzly bear (from the safety of a vehicle or building) was on my bucket list. On one of the innumerable stream crossings on the Thorofare Creek trail ...
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5. Separate the top half of the grenade container from the bottom half. 6. Insert the pipe nipple in the drilled hole at the base of the bottom half of ...
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7.5 Concluding Notes: Rethinking Silk Road Culture and Civilization Sung Ying-hsing, a Chinese scientist and public official of the Ming Dynasty, published the classic work Chinese Technology in the Seventeenth ...
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Barry Davies Modern technical surveillance equipment now encompasses nano unmanned aerial vehicles capable of spying from anywhere in the world. The SQ-4 RECON is a new breed of surveillance capability. ...
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