epub |eng | 2023-08-26 | Author:Mark Dawson [Dawson, Mark]

54 Maria came outside, pointed to the second bedroom and followed him into it. Her eyes flashed with anger. “John?” she hissed. “Who’s John?” “Me. That’s my name.” “You said ...
( Category: Crime November 27,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-04-29 | Author:Natalie Bennett [Bennett, Natalie]

CHAPTER TWO For a while, once the body had been buried and time went on as if that day never happened, I was happy. There were times I thought back ...
( Category: Crime November 25,2023 )
epub |eng | 2018-04-10 | Author:K.J. Howe [Howe, K. J.]

Chapter 49 The sound of scraping woke Prospero. Metal against stone. What the hell? He scrambled out of bed and hurried over to the window and peered outside. One of ...
( Category: Crime November 21,2023 )
mobi |eng | 2011-09-04 | Author:Robert E. Howard

4 Scent of Black Lotus Valeria unbuckled her sword-belt and laid it with the sheathed weapon on the couch where she meant to sleep. She noted that the doors were ...
( Category: Crime November 21,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2017-02-07 | Author:K.J. Howe [Howe, K.J.]

Chapter Thirty-Four Nikos’s view of the arid dunes surrounding the airstrip was clouded by red earth kicking up as the Cessna Caravan touched down. The plane lumbered to a stop, ...
( Category: Crime November 21,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2018-04-10 | Author:K.J. Howe [Howe, K.J.]

( Category: Crime November 21,2023 )
mobi |eng | 2011-11-21 | Author:Keith Houghton [Houghton, Keith]

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pdf | | 2013-10-02 | Author:Dan Brown

( Category: Crime November 19,2023 )
epub |eng | 2018-09-04 | Author:A. H. Wang [Wang, A. H.]

33 The man hangs up the phone, rubbing his bare scalp with irritation. The old scar that runs from his chin to the right ear throbs with a dull ache. ...
( Category: Crime November 15,2023 )
epub |eng | 2019-09-14 | Author:Ruby Wolff [Wolff, Ruby]

I head back to the office, knowing Pike wouldn't have left. As I enter the office, Pike turns to face me as I make my way to my desk. "I've ...
( Category: Crime November 13,2023 )
epub |ita | 0101-01-01 | Author:Wambaugh Joseph [Wambaugh Joseph]

( Category: Crime November 11,2023 )
epub |eng | 2017-11-27 | Author:Tierney James [James, Tierney]

Chapter Fifteen Director Benjamin Clark of Enigma considered his people some of the best in the country when it came to problem solving a national security issue. Since President Buck ...
( Category: Crime November 7,2023 )
epub |eng | 2012-08-01 | Author:Powell, Richard [Powell, Richard]

SEVEN IF WE HADN’T BEEN HALFWAY PREPARED FOR SOMETHING nasty, we would have been crab bait before you could add one and one and get two corpses. As it was, ...
( Category: Crime November 7,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-09-05 | Author:Graham Brown [Brown, Graham]

29 Paul and Gamay returned to the parking lot without stopping for any souvenirs. They found Eduardo and climbed in the back of the sedan as soon as he released ...
( Category: Crime November 7,2023 )
epub |eng | 2022-01-04 | Author:Alex Grass [Grass, Alex]

Thirty-One The captain brought the Sea Dragon into port at a painstaking crawl, a wake barely trailing behind her. He’d long ago decided that his precious boat would need to ...
( Category: Crime November 7,2023 )