Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
azw3 |eng | 2022-11-14 | Author:Alison Golden & Grace Dagnall

CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN BEETLE, AKA JONNY Hughe-Gordon, couldn’t have looked less like an insect. He was in his twenties, tanned, blond, and athletic. He wore an emerald-green polo shirt, shorts, and ...
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azw3 |eng | 2016-05-19 | Author:Alison Golden & Grace Dagnall

CHAPTER NINETEEN THE TWO OFFICERS collected themselves. Graham readied a new page in his notebook, but they resisted the temptation to indulge in a discussion in such a public place. ...
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azw3 |eng | 2020-11-14 | Author:Alison Golden & Grace Dagnall

CHAPTER THIRTY “NOR TO ME, lad.” Graham stood and tipped his head back, draining the last of his tea. “Good cuppa that, just what the doctor ordered. Thank you.” He ...
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azw3 |eng | 2021-10-23 | Author:Alison Golden & Grace Dagnall

CHAPTER FORTY-ONE HAVING SEEN NOZZ off the premises, Graham saw he’d missed a call from Tomlinson. “News?” he barked when Tomlinson picked up. Graham paced the constabulary car park despite ...
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epub | | | Author:Veronica Church

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epub | | | Author:Rika Fane

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epub |eng | 2023-08-30 | Author:Eric Chance Stone [Stone, Eric Chance]

Chapter 10 Jules read the file she downloaded from A&A Bail Bonds from Fort Walton Beach. The woman who did not show up for her hearing was Kindra Jones. She ...
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epub |eng | 2023-06-04 | Author:Paul Knox [Knox, Paul]

36 "I DON'T WANT TO worry anybody"—August's voice rang through the earpiece—"but by the looks of it, there's a half-dozen goons marching back and forth through the hallways on the ...
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epub |eng | 2023-10-23 | Author:Charlotte Roddy [Roddy, Charlotte]

Twenty-One Guilt deepens the fine lines on Ray’s face as he looks at me, waiting for my recrimination. When I say nothing, he feels compelled to speak. “It just kind ...
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epub |eng | 2023-10-22 | Author:Tony J Forder [J Forder, Tony]

TWENTY-FIVE HE CALLED FOR AN ambulance and requested backup from his uniformed colleagues. Two response vehicles arrived shortly afterwards, but the volatile nature of the mob made it seem far ...
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epub |eng | 2024-05-30 | Author:Keith Finney [Keith Finney]

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epub |eng | 2024-01-01 | Author:Trevor Scott [Scott, Trevor]

18 Qaqortoq, Greenland Kadri paced the wooden floor of the small house on the north side of the town. Amber was playing cards with her cousin, Inuk, a young man ...
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epub |eng | 2022-11-07 | Author:Dustin Stevens [Stevens, Dustin]

Chapter Fifty-Two Referencing the proverbial carrot and stick was a favorite euphemism used by Luc Fletcher’s employer. Another of the unending examples of his paranoia, preferring to always speak in ...
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epub |eng | 2023-08-29 | Author:Landon Beach [Beach, Landon]

3 Months Later . . . 18 Raleigh, North Carolina – October 2002 Adrienne Astra sat across from Flo Fleming in her private office on the 4th floor. She had ...
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epub |eng | 2023-09-29 | Author:Mac Fortner [Fortner, Mac]

“UNDERSTOOD,” KAILEY responded, and with that, she glanced at the man who was tied to the chair in her bungalow. Kailey hung up and stood. “My plans are changed,” she ...
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