Drug Dependency
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AND, OH SHIT, here come the bad trips. There’ve been bummers before, but the reaper has arrived in Grateful Deadland, and the karmic Hells Angels are pushing their way to ...
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Exercise 71: Instead of Judging What could you do instead of judging yourself at these times? What kinds of things could you say to yourself? EXAMPLE: I could make a ...
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Stupid Thing 7 Using Prescribed Mind-Altering Drugs When Other Remedies Are Available Mind-altering drugs such as medical marijuana or opioids may be needed for certain conditions, but recovery requires that ...
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Recovery requires honesty. Playing games with ourselves is dishonest and doesn’t address our problems. It is instead a sophisticated strategy to avoid dealing with our problems. Avoidance is ultimately destructive ...
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The stolen property is divided up between the robbers, some of it sold. There is tension between them. The Tattooed Criminal does not trust the Liability. Just look at his ...
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IN A WORLD ADDICTED TO MASKS, EVERYONE NEEDS A SPONSOR The three principles we learned in the previous chapter—practice rigorous authenticity, surrender the outcome, and do uncomfortable work—form the mask-free ...
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Other Signs of Prolonged and Difficult Grief Alan Wolfelt wrote about other behavioral signs that may indicate one is “stuck” in the acute stage of grief and not able to ...
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Adapted from an image from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health CBD is not psychoactive, but it does have a calming, or anti-anxiety effect, and increasing ...
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PATTERNS CHESS IS A UTILITARIAN GAME; stripped first of pawns then knight then castle, a player wins by slowing down, measuring each step and figuring out what works best. But ...
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* * * 26 A Slave to Marijuana I WAS THE LAST PERSON in my circle of friends to smoke dope. I was afraid it would lead to other drugs, ...
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9 “WILL THESE PLANS COME TO GRIEF?” The damage wrought on Britain as it stood alone from the summer of 1940 to the summer of 1941 staggered the country but ...
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On top of this, there is the human rights argument: “Everybody should be free to choose whether or not they take the risk of smoking.” This is the stance of ...
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* Note that having a DATA-waivered physician in your county does not mean that buprenorphine is actually accessible, merely that at least one physician is legally able to prescribe it. ...
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