Belonging by Unknown

Belonging by Unknown

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Chapter Six

Hours had passed since Levi had arrived at what remained of Owen’s home. The trailer would have to be destroyed. The stink of blood and death had already permeated the damn thing.

He was waiting.

Exactly for what, he didn’t know.

Something is out there, man. I know it, Owen had told him a few weeks earlier. I can feel it at night watching me.

I think it might be one of THEM.

He’d said THEM just like that—capitol T-H-E-M. But Levi hadn’t paid much attention to the man’s ramblings—he’d been too busy brooding over what life had done to Owen. His cousin, his best friend, was either a certified lunatic or an alcoholic in serious need of rehab.

But he could remember what Owen had said, especially now. Looking back.

“What do you think you’re going to see?” he whispered, rubbing a hand over his face.

Then he shifted his gaze, eyeing the box at his side. Inside it was enough weird shit that Levi might find his ass in serious trouble for not letting the investigating authorities know about it. He only knew about it because Owen had shown him his stash on one of his visits out there. One of the many, many visits that Levi had made, hoping to talk his cousin in to coming back home.

I can’t, Levi. I’m close. I can feel it. Gonna find one of them. Prove to everybody that I’m not crazy. That some monster attacked Cori. She wasn’t kidnapped—she was murdered. Right in front of me…I saw it.

Levi could believe that easily enough. Although Cori’s disappearance was still listed as unsolved, Levi could easily believe that she’d been attacked, murdered right in front of Owen and that was what had pushed the man over the edge.

He was a changed man after that. One who was determined to hunt down monsters that only existed in fairy tales. He’d collected weapons so he’d be ready when he faced those monsters and he’d hidden them behind a panel in his bedroom. If a more thorough investigation of his death had been done, the investigators would have found the weapons. But why waste the manpower on an animal attack?

Owen’s death had been ruled a tragic accident. Some kind of wolf attack, though the coroner had made notes in the chart that the bite marks on Owen’s body had been unusually large for a wolf. And of course wolves weren’t exactly that common in Richmond, Virginia.

Hell, even if they’d found the shit, they wouldn’t have made much of it.

They just would have laughed, maybe muttered some quiet commiseration for the fucked-up fool.

“Like hell,” Levi whispered, shaking his head.

His cousin probably wasn’t the picture of mental health but Levi wasn’t going to let a bunch of jerks share a laugh over him.

Besides, some of the stuff in the box was either very strange, borderline illegal—or just plain illegal. Like the unregistered gun, loaded with some of the weirdest ammo that Levi had ever seen. It gleamed, glinted almost like pure silver. A couple


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