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Fig. 6-1: Common Household Plumbing. This illustration shows how drains and vent pipes from common household fixtures — sinks, showers, and toilets — are installed. Note that in a typical ...
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THE WOMAN WHO STUCK AROUND…FOREVER On a chilly, winter evening, my buddy called me. He was at a woman’s house, hanging out with a group of musicians. “Hey man, come ...
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Your attitude is like a price tag. It shows how valuable you are. —UNKNOWN We would accomplish many more things if we did not think them as impossible. —VINCE LOMBARDI ...
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The number of containers required is a function of the container size, the number of occupants, and the period of storage. Once a container is filled, it needs to sit ...
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Where: Pr = Probability The probability of exceeding the chosen rainfall rate during the lifetime of the building. 0.0 = assured safety, 1.0 = certainty that the rate will be ...
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Loop vents makes it possible to vent a sink when there is no adjacent wall to house the vent pipe. The drain is vented with a loop of pipe that ...
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Here’s the formula: Btus/ft3 x temp difference x house cubic feet x air exchanges/day = btus lost by infiltration each day Sample House Let’s work this formula through for our ...
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Cut and test-fit a new cleanout and long sweep TY combo assembly, dry-fitting it to the drain stack and the horizontal drain line to the street. Make any needed adjustments ...
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