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* * * — AS WE MOVE together through the progression of connection with our emotions, it might be wise to slow down and sit with each chapter for a ...
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Get the Contaminants Out There was a professional boxer who was the middle weight champion of the world back in the 1990s. He was known for his aggressiveness in the ...
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The Purpose of Prayer Throughout this chapter we have focused on what people call intercessory prayer: prayer that asks for God’s intervention and help. I’d like to end by suggesting ...
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He also portrayed this conviction in The Last Battle, where the character of Emeth embodies this other side: that those who don’t hear about Jesus in life can be saved. ...
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Why Be Generous? Generosity. Liberality. Openhandedness. Munificence. These words should characterize the Christian who realizes the abundance that God has given us, especially in the affluent Western world. Because we ...
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We become active in changing society and caring for culture as God called humans to do, after we are changed by the Scriptures. We are to be fair in wage, ...
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Judy squeezed his hand for all she was worth and gave a final push. Finally their baby was arriving. "Here it comes!" the doctor all but shouted. "It's a—it's a ...
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Head above Water—Doctor’s Orders 1. What are my health risks in this river? According to its website, Mobi Health News provides analysis, news and data to health innovators and pharma ...
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Fear is combustible material; it can either burn down our future or it can fuel our forward movement. Fear can paralyze us or propel us. Use fear to thrust yourself ...
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