Economic Conditions
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1 As a one-time Minister who sought to humanise Kerala jails with some measure of success and as one who has visited some prisons abroad, I must confess that a ...
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4.1. FINANCING WORKING CAPITAL As long as there is a bona fide transaction, a way can be found to develop shari’ah-compliant products to support value-adding transactions. Islamic working capital finance ...
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7.2 Benefit and Payment—Social or Private? In many countries today, certain portions of educational expenses are covered by public expenditure. In Japan, for example, most public schools from elementary through ...
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Concluding Observations The Great Depression was a period when world capitalism was between external props. The prop of the colonial arrangement had gone, which is not to say that colonialism ...
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§ 4 The forms of class war The total national product is divided into wages, rent, interest, and profits. All economic theory considers it definitely settled that this division proceeds, ...
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6.3 The structure of original incomes In Section 4.2.1 you looked at how the share of total income going to labour in the economy had fallen. Many economists support policies ...
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284 Cfr. Lawrence Mischel - Alyssa Davis, “CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less”, Issue Brief #380, sito web dell’Economic Policy Institute, 2014. 285 Cfr. William ...
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All of this is worth bringing up for revealing, if nothing else, the terrible policymaking that needlessly elongated a downturn that, if left alone by Herbert Hoover and Roosevelt, would ...
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This response was given concerning the question around how the women see their lives (either poorer or better off) in comparison to those people living in non-mining communities. I asked ...
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3. INTERNATIONALIZATION OF THE RMB: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS 3.1. The To-Do List in RMB Internationalization With its inclusion in the SDR currency basket, RMB has been recognized as a reserve ...
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It was from Dr Smith's mistaken view of the effect of these taxes that he was led to the conclusion that "the middle and upper ranks of people, if they ...
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Why do bureaucrats favour the passive voice? (Alfred Kahn) Alfred Kahn, a former economics professor at Cornell University, was tapped in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter to become chairman of ...
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In such a situation capitalist society has only its own demise ahead of it. The state is forced to intervene in the market mechanism in ways that can only paralyze ...
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