52 Little Parables From Ireland by Sally Kennedy

52 Little Parables From Ireland by Sally Kennedy

Author:Sally Kennedy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Charisma House
Published: 2011-10-06T16:00:00+00:00

in triumphal procession in Christ

and through us spreads everywhere

the fragrance of the knowledge of him.




My mom’s favorite flower was the gardenia. When I was young, I remember her wearing one in her hair on festive occasions. Mom is no longer here, but my dad maintains a beautiful gardenia bush in his yard in her memory.

Gardenias are the most potent smelling flower I know; the pungent fragrance of just one flower can fill an entire room. But, the blooms don’t last very long. The smooth, ivory petals turn yellow, then brown, and too quickly they look dried up and ugly.

Funny thing about gardenias: long after the appearance of the flower starts to go downhill, the powerfully sweet odor is every bit as strong as it ever was.

Interesting thing about saints: long after our outward appearance begins to degenerate due to aging, accidents or disease, we still radiate a glorious aroma to the world. The spirit in our hearts never dies or disintegrates.

And you can bet that when one of us leaves this world, there remains a sweet smelling fragrance—long after.

PRAYER: Father, I praise and thank You for filling me with Your glorious Holy Spirit. Thank You that Holy Spirit is a lovely fragrance that will attract others to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

God is our refuge and strength,


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