Women's love stories by various

Women's love stories by various

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While thirteen-year-old Courtney dozed, Melinda stole quietly from the bed and put on her robe. She went out through the French doors onto her second floor terrace. Lighting a cigarette, the shapely blonde inhaled deeply. Life is fucking good, she thought.

Then, to amplify her sense of satisfaction, she opened her phone and called her friend and sometime rival, Brooke. She answered on the first ring.

“Where the hell did you go?” asked Brooke without preamble. “You didn’t even tell me you were leaving.”

“Tut, tut. Is that any way to greet your dearest friend?” Melinda was so going to enjoy this.

Brooke snorted. “What kind of friend disappears without a word? Where are you, anyway?”

“At home. Are you sitting down?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Why?”

“Well. Remember darling fatherless Courtney, the junior lifeguard?”

Melinda could hear Brooke suck in her breath.

“That sweet little dumpling? Of course I remember. Wait, are you telling me…”

Melinda blew out a cloud of smoke. “Guess who’s sleeping naked in my bed even as we speak.”

“You bitch! I saw her first! How could you?”

“Aw, don’t be that way,” said Melinda. “If you’re really nice I’ll let you have sloppy seconds.”

“You’re lying. It was only, what, three hours ago that I pointed her out to you. How could you possibly bed her so quickly?”

“I just used my feminine wiles,” laughed Melinda.

“No way. I don’t believe it. You might have nice tits, but you’re not that charming.”

“Okay, I’ll prove it,” said Melinda, stubbing out her cigarette. “Don’t say anything, I don’t want to wake her.”

“Sure, whatever—”

“Hush,” said Melinda quietly. “You’ll be getting a message very soon.” She set her phone to silent and crept back into the bedroom. Courtney had rolled onto her back, one knee pointed out to the side. Her ripening, pink-tipped breasts pointed straight at the ceiling, and at the intersection of her tender thighs the puffy, swollen labia were clearly visible.

With those dark tresses spread out on the pillow, it struck Melinda once again that Courtney looked like an angel in her sleep. Then she took a photo of her new fuck toy, walked out to the terrace, and sent the white-hot image to Brooke’s phone.

Sitting down, Melinda poured herself another glass of wine. “Okay,” she said. “You’ll have your proof any second now.”

“Oh. My. God,” Brooke said a moment later. “You weren’t kidding. How did you manage it? Tell me everything.”

Melinda proceeded to tell her how she’d approached Courtney in the country club showers, and had comforted the child in her grief.

“I’ll bet you comforted her, you letch,” said Brooke.

Melinda went on to explain how she’d invited the girl to her home, and had given her a makeover.

“So how did you, ah, broach the subject of eating her little pussy?” Brooke wanted to know.

“I asked her if she’d ever kissed a girl, and she had! But only that. She swore she’d done nothing beyond kissing. Then we sucked face and she liked it. A lot.”

“You’re incorrigible,” said Brooke. “Go on, tell me the rest.”

Melinda described kneeling at


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