Without Warning by Darrell Maloney

Without Warning by Darrell Maloney

Author:Darrell Maloney
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Darrell Maloney Publishing
Published: 2019-08-31T04:00:00+00:00


They’d settled in Pillager, Minnesota for several reasons. First of all, because the rail line passed right through it. Being close to the rail line is kind of a no-brainer for the chief engineer of a cross-country run.

They knew nothing about Pillager when they took a trip there from Chicago to look at houses and check out the schools. That was the second thing that drew them to the place.

Minnesotans are friendly and helpful by nature. Arguably the friendliest Americans in any state.

They welcomed Jordan and Katie like long lost relatives. Every time they looked at a house they might purchase at least one neighbor came over to shake their hands and welcome them to the neighborhood.

When told they hadn’t decided to buy yet they were invariably told, “But you have to. You’ll never find a better neighborhood than this one.”

The scene repeated itself so often Katie whispered to her husband, “I think I fell asleep and woke up in a movie. You know, that one where the day keeps repeating itself over and over?”

“You mean Groundhog Day?”

“Yeah. Exactly.”

In the end, they purchased a home in Pillager because it was absolutely the perfect place. At least for them, anyway.

First, it wasn’t Chicago. That was a very big plus.

It was roughly the same distance from his parents’ home in North Dakota and her parents’ home in Wisconsin.

The majesty of Minnesota, be it summer or winter, could not be matched.

Neither could the fishing and hunting.

The school system was among the best in the nation, and of course there was the aforementioned friendliness.

They’d purchased a home in Pillager four years before and had never regretted it. Not for a single day.

Jordan was on his third cup of coffee when a very tussled and very sleepy Katie walked into the kitchen.

Without asking she picked up his cup from the table and sipped it.

“Too cold,” she grumbled and walked over to the microwave to heat it up a bit.

“Well excuse me,” he said. “If I’d known you were gonna steal it I would have made sure it was up to your high standards.”

He tried to sound angry, or at least upset, but she knew better. There was no animosity between them. Not at all.

They were one of those rare couples who never argued and very seldom disagreed.

On the rare occasions they did, they talked out their views logically and worked out a solution.

On domino night with their next door neighbors the week before the neighbor commented that he’d never heard them raise their voices to one another.

Katie pondered the comment and said, “I don’t think he’s ever raised his voice at me in all the time we’ve known each other.”

“Oh, my God,” Jordan exclaimed. “We’ve turned into Ward and June Cleaver.”

The neighbors, twenty somethings, didn’t get the reference and gave one another strange looks.

“Are these people crazy?” kind of looks.

But Jordan and Katie Myers weren’t crazy. They were just very well matched and very easy going. To them, on the rare occasions they disagreed on something it was much better to remain calm and talk things through than to argue.


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