Wings of the Night Prince: A Fated Mates Fae Romance by Alessa Thorn

Wings of the Night Prince: A Fated Mates Fae Romance by Alessa Thorn

Author:Alessa Thorn [Thorn, Alessa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2021-04-25T04:00:00+00:00

Bron tried not to kick her high heels off under the sticky table she sat at. Imogen had made her wear one of her black halter dresses, and Bron only agreed to it because it had pockets.

Bron was wearing makeup for the first time in three months and was worried she would forget and smudge her black eyeliner into panda's eyes.

She took another mouthful of cider and tried to enjoy the music and noise of the bar. Imogen's friends were people she had met at university and had no idea what she did as a day-to-day job. Bron had never been able to hide who she was, and it meant that she always felt alone in a crowd of ordinary people.

"Imogen finally got you out. I can't believe it," the guy beside her said. "We've all heard so much about her amazing big sister." His name was Samuel, and he worked in some kind of project management. As soon as Bron had been introduced to him, she knew that Imogen was trying to set her up. Should've known better.

"I've been traveling," Bron said, drinking more cider.

"Yeah? You're lucky. I need to get out of Ireland for a bit, but work has been crazy," Samuel replied. He had sandy blond hair and kind hazel eyes and wasn't bad to look at. Bron might've gone with him for a one-night stand at some point, but now the idea made her feel uncomfortable.

Don't think about why.

"Tell me about your job," Bron said quickly, knowing people loved to talk about themselves. Samuel was no different, and it meant that Bron could politely nod and smile where necessary and didn't have to speak.

A glimmer of black and silver danced in the corner of her eye, and her head snapped around, heart pounding.

"You okay?" Samuel asked.

"Yeah, sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew. Will you excuse me for a second?" Bron got up and headed for the bathroom. For once, there wasn't a massive line, and she washed her hands in the small sink to stop them from shaking.

You're actually losing it. Bron checked her reflection in the mirror and put on some lip gloss. She was adjusting her long hair when she heard voices outside the small window.

"I've never hooked up with one of the fae before," a woman giggled. "Is it true what they say about your staying power?"

"All the rumors are true," a male replied with a charming laugh. "You want to try something that will get you higher than you've ever been?"

"I don't do drugs, especially magic ones." The woman didn't sound so confident now.

"Just a hit won't hurt—"

"I said no. Hey!"

Bron was moving before she could think it through. She pushed her way through the staff-only exit and out into the alley behind the bar. The fae male had the woman against a wall.

"Hey! The lady said she didn't want any," Bron called, making both of them freeze. The woman's dress was hitched up her thighs, and her eyes were swimming with tears.


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