The Ultimate Backcountry Survival Manual by Aram Von Benedikt; Editors of Outdoor Life;

The Ultimate Backcountry Survival Manual by Aram Von Benedikt; Editors of Outdoor Life;

Author:Aram, Von Benedikt; Editors of Outdoor Life;
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Weldon Owen


Want to keep your barrel safe? Cover your rifle’s muzzle in electrical tape. It’ll keep moisture from rain and snow, fragments of twigs and brush, and dust and dirt out of your barrel. Don’t worry about removing the tape before shooting; the blast will blow it free ahead of the bullet. Wind some tape around your barrel so you’ll have extra, should you need it.


Bivying out is an incredible way to reach remote big-game honey-holes. A great bivy’s location is sometimes chosen for you; comfort and amenities aren’t part of the equation. You must be tough and willing to sleep in, rough places. Level ground is unusual; smooth level terrain a luxury. I’ve spent some nights curled around rocks, or scooting back to a bed that I slid out of when a spot wasn’t level.

One main reason to bivy out is to get inside an ultra-wary big-game animal’s core area. Avoid sky and ridgelines, be silent, and especially don’t set camp where air movement can carry your scent to your prey.

But what good is bivying out if you can’t see, hear, or get to your hunting spot? Choose a bivy camp that will let you hear (I’ve spent many magical nights listening to nearby bugling elk), see (near a good vantage point), and access (get close in for a shot) game that you find.


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