The Influencer: A Short Story by Joyce Maynard

The Influencer: A Short Story by Joyce Maynard

Author:Joyce Maynard [Maynard, Joyce]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Published: 2022-10-26T16:00:00+00:00


After all that time following her, Valerie and I finally got to meet Tammy. Kevin too, naturally. It was Valerie who arranged our meeting, by taking Kevin’s steak. She can be a crafty one, that Valerie. Even though it was clear she disliked Kevin, you knew what she was thinking. “Maybe he’ll make steak again.”

As for Tammy, she was friendly and open, same as I knew she’d be. That persona I’d been worried about, the one creeping into her posts, was just something she’d adopted to pick up more followers probably. She was still the same sweet, innocent person I’d noticed, way back when the two of them were just starting out on their trip.

“So are you camping in a tent or do you have a van?” she asked me.

“Teardrop camper,” I said.

Tammy said, “Oh, I love those. Teardrop campers are the cutest.”

I looked at Kevin. He had this look on his face, like this really lame guy who used to work with me back at the fulfillment center, when someone gave him a list of fifteen orders to fill at once, and his brain could only handle three. He was trying to put it together.


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