The Ghosts of Winter (They Came with the Snow Book 4) by Christopher Coleman

The Ghosts of Winter (They Came with the Snow Book 4) by Christopher Coleman

Author:Christopher Coleman [Coleman, Christopher]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Christopher Coleman
Published: 2020-08-09T16:00:00+00:00

I drove as instructed, taking the narrow lane deliberately, anxiously, as if taking my speed any faster than fifteen miles an hour would somehow attract the creatures. But the road was clear, and soon I could see the cabin in the distance, static and clear like a painting.

I parked the truck approximately thirty yards from the door, and the five of us waited silently for a good ninety seconds or more, simply staring at the house, watching it as if it had been wired for demolition and the explosion was scheduled to happen at any moment.

Finally, Charlotte cleared her throat and said, “It looks pretty clear, right?”

I nodded, but my eyes remained fixed on the idyllic setting of the cabin. “It does.”

It appeared the White Ones had gone, and from what I could tell at the distance of the truck, there didn’t seem to be any damage to the cabin. Without a word, I pulled the truck ten yards closer and then turned the engine off, and from the corner of my eye, I saw Charlotte whip her head toward me, her eyes expressing something just short of anger.

“I don’t intend for this to take long,” I said, “we just need to pack what we need, use the bathroom, and grab the cat. But we do need to save our fuel.”

Gas had become an issue once again, one I had decided not to voice aloud, though I was sure it was already in the back of Charlotte’s mind, and that she had likely sneaked a peek at the gauge at some point over the past few hours. I had kept the car running for an hour or so at the hospital, just to get the cabin warm and allow us to sleep through the night; but now we had just over a quarter tank remaining. That was enough to get us to the river, but likely just enough. That was fine if there was indeed a checkpoint or ferry somewhere close to us, but not if we needed to drive as far as Memphis, for example, or to some other larger city along the river. If that were the case, we were going to have to find another ride.

Without a signal, Charlotte and I stepped out of the car in unison, and a beat behind us, the kids followed our lead. Charlotte and I walked around to the rear of the Explorer, and as I opened the hatch and began arranging our current supplies to make room for whatever else we were intending to bring, I heard Ryan shout, “Uncle Joel!”

I turned to Charlotte, who swiveled her head like a startled deer, her eyes wide with surprise and a glint of terror. I slowly lowered the hatch, clearing my view of the trunk, and there was Joel Castillo, my best friend, standing on the porch, a weary grin across his face. Ryan had already begun his sprint toward Joel, and a moment later, he was wrapped in his arms.

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