The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer

The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer

Author:Eoin Colfer
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Published: 2019-11-05T00:00:00+00:00

SISTER Jeronima was as good as her word, as one might reasonably expect from a nun, and popped Lord Teddy’s shoulder back into its socket on her first attempt. Truth be told, she was hoping the duke might be overcome by pain and pass out, which she intended to interpret as an annulment of their partnership, but Teddy gritted his square white teeth and bore the excruciating agony with no more than an exclamation of “Blimey” after the sharp blow from the flat of the nun’s hand. Once his upper arm was reunited with his shoulder blade, Teddy swallowed some Tylenol from the dispensary and had Jeronima bind his shoulder tightly. The bandaging operation took less than five minutes, and then they were out of the black site and headed for the Skyblade craft. Jeronima estimated that they had perhaps another five minutes before the authorities traced the harbor disaster back to the site and moved in to find a dozen unconscious agents in the corridor. Protocol would usually require Sister Jeronima to erase all hard drives before an evacuation, but Myles Fowl had already accomplished that for her. Myles Fowl had erased all ACRONYM files everywhere, except on his own computer.

I must catch that niño, she realized. He knows all our secrets.

ACRONYM was sanctioned by the governments of thirty-seven countries to operate inside their borders, but they were also mandated in twenty-eight of those countries to submit detailed reports for every operation on the books. At last count, Sister Jeronima herself was running seven unreported operations, and across all divisions of ACRONYM there were probably a hundred more, and now Myles Fowl had the details of almost every one, and he could sell those details to any network on the planet.

And that, thought Jeronima, could be muy inconveniente, because even though ACRONYM was an intergovernmental clandestine agency, they had over the years broken more laws than the rest of the world’s secret services put together.

In fact, if Myles Fowl were to leak the stolen files, it could spell the end of ACRONYM—and federal prison time for many of its upper echelon. Including Sister Jeronima herself.

Lord Teddy and the nun made it to the Skyblade, but were unable to take off as the Dutch police arrived faster than anticipated. And so nun and nobleman were forced to sit inside the airplane in silence while the Amsterdam armed-response unit swarmed all over the black site. The time was not completely wasted, though, as Lord Teddy docked his phone with the Skyblade’s media system and brought up a map on the smart windshield. A red dot, which represented the troll’s cellophane-wrap signature, pulsed in the suburbs.

“You see, madam,” he said, drumming the glass with the same fingers that had held a knife to Jeronima’s throat in the very recent past. “Less than five minutes’ flight time. Our errant band shall be trussed like turkeys before lunch.”

Jeronima merely nodded.

She knew who Lord Teddy Bleedham-Drye was. Most people with a smartphone would recognize the Duke of Scilly.


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