The Alien Artifact 4 by V Bertolaccini

The Alien Artifact 4 by V Bertolaccini

Author:V Bertolaccini
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: action adventure, science fiction bestsellers, deadliest menace, ultimate voyager, the alien artifact, lost voyager, final frontiers of universe, movie style blockbusters, adventure supernatural thriller, interdimensional probe
Publisher: CosmicBlueCB

Chapter 3

Back in the Castle

Deep in dark regions and lights surrounded Bryson in his dream as it started ending and he started waking, and he caught sight of things shifting about with no form and wondered what they were or were doing there as he opened his eyes and examined the sun beaming into his castle room, and the snow falling outside.

After all he had been through the dreams still never made any sense and he still insisted in trying to examine it to find some clue to what he was missing.

The dream had been about nothing and eventually bored him, and he rested in his bed with his blankets wrapped tightly on him.

Yet the lights in the dream reminded of the supernatural vortex he had been in and he now wondered if it had anything to do with the supernatural or something else.

The dream had allowed him to forget all the events of the previous day and his return to the castle. It had been incredible! He had been exploring the shore of the island when he had found footprints, which could have only have belonged to a human put there like him, and he had traced them for hours, thinking it had to be Mitchell or his man who had been behind him in the tunnel, but he had been surprised that it had been another human.

They had talked for hours, and he had realized that the man was almost crazy in places from being stranded there for many years, and the man had loved hearing his accounts of what the outside world was like, and all the new technology that now existed, and Bryson had learned that he had been there for decades and from the Second World War, surprising Bryson with his young looks, and that he was far older and had clearly not aged.

Bryson had learned about him being in the castle and their search for the treasure there with great interest!

Even though Bryson had been surprised at his search for the treasure he was sure that he had not known much about it and had been there to help.

Both of them had thought each other had been dangerous at first but had slowly realized that they had finally met other humans, and though he had been amazed at Bryson’s accounts of the castle and the tunnel he had been surprised that there had been stairs in the tunnel and Bryson had realized that the man and his two associates had been in another tunnel and that they had been sure the treasure had been buried away there.

Yet one of the biggest surprises had been when the man finally remembered his own name again, as he had been so delirious for so long that he could not recall things about himself, and he had told him that his name was Pendleton, which Bryson had heard of in the accounts of some of the people who had vanished there.

The man’s view of the island had been


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