Teddy's Truth by KD Ellis

Teddy's Truth by KD Ellis

Author:KD Ellis [Ellis, KD]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: LGBT Romance Fiction
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group
Published: 2020-10-20T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty

It was funny—not in the ha-ha way—how a night could start out so good and end up going completely to shit. Granted, he considered the night good simply because he wasn’t on the platforms. He was still shit out of luck when it came to picking up another source of income—or paying his rent, or making his next payment. But he’d walked into Envy with a determination to look at the positives. So…if not dancing was the only thing he had going for him, he was damn well going to take it.

Unfortunately, his good mood only lasted two hours.

“Alley. Five minutes.” One of the bouncers, Deacon, muttered as he passed the bar, giving Teddy a pointed look. Low man on the totem pole or not, Deak was still a full-fledged member of the La Familia cartel, which put him above Teddy in any way that mattered.

“My shift’s not over until two,” Teddy protested quietly, scrubbing at a non-existent spill, his heart pounding. Whatever he was needed for in the alley was bound to not be good.

“And your debt to the cartel isn’t over until you cough up your payments.” Deak tapped his fingers on the bar. “Alley. Three minutes.”

Teddy gave a sharp, staccato nod and dropped the cleaning rag into the soiled bucket behind the bar. He rounded it to go to the changing room but Deak gripped his arm tightly to stop him. “No need to change.”

Teddy cringed, wiping his hands on the booty shorts. “I don’t have shoes.”

“You won’t need them. Go.”

Teddy’s nod was small. He picked his way through grinding bodies, ignoring the drunk hands that reached out to prod his skin and grope his ass.

“Dance with me,” a slurred voice screamed into his ear, large hands wrapping around his hips, nearly pulling him off balance.

Teddy glared and tugged free. “Hands off!”

The man was large and reeked of alcohol but wasn’t drunk enough to ignore the house rules. Mainly…don’t touch. The bouncers let it go, if it was clear the dancers didn’t care, but if Teddy made a fuss, the man would be kicked out on his ear immediately. “Bitch,” the man cursed but turned away, setting his eyes on a different twink.

Teddy skirted the edge of the dance floor and stepped into the narrow hallway to the side. He made his way down the dimly lit passage, bypassing the bathrooms to reach the black door. It was lit only by the neon green of the exit sign. He shoved the push bar and the door opened with the squealing of hinges, spilling him out into the back alley.

Ian had added a single streetlight to the small parking lot during renovations, which gave the alley an illusion of safety. The parking lot was small, big enough for six cars—or the four cars and one blue SUV it held now. The paint was faded, the asphalt riddled with potholes.

The entrance to the alley was narrow, wide enough for a single car to pick its way down, and was narrowed farther by the pair of large green dumpsters across from the back door.


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